World Weird Web: Six Insanely Bizarre Websites

Thu, Dec 11, 2008, by Amit Goyal

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Some the weirdest websites that you’ll ever come across while you rummage through the back alleys of the World Wide Web. ‘Weird’, doesn’t do justice to these bizarre creations.

According to statistics there are more than 156 million websites on the World Wide Web. That’s 156,000,000 websites! The internet’s as complex as the universe and you never know what you’ll find! Here’s a look at some of the strangest websites of the internet cosmos.


Just find a place to click and buckle your seat belts for a journey of pure randomness. The website is primarily non-flash/shockwave based, so it should work fine for people who don’t have add-ons.


The name says it all! Just find something to click on. It’s sort of similar to Superbad, only much creepier. Like Superbad, it’s mostly non-flash/shockwave based.


This one’s strange rather than random; provides endless hours of exploration. It needs flash, so scroll to the bottom of the article if you need to download it.

Hint: Click on one of the words to start off!


This one’s just plain insane; the website has hundreds of pages of jargon/theories from a Dr. Gene Ray. To quote the website, “Humans are dumb, educated, yet stupid,
and evil. They don’t want to know Nature’s Cubic Order of Creation.”.


Not por…pron indeed! The website is a complex riddle with 140 levels; ranging from everything from common sense to programming, from image editing to trivia! With the whole World Wide Web at your disposal, explore! One of the player quotes, “Not Pron is greatest thing to come along since sliced bread!” Well, I haven’t gotten past level 7, so I think ‘ll stick to sliced bread.


This is not exactly a website, just a webpage. Although it’s supposed to help you “meditate”, it’s more likely to cause seizures and recurring nightmares. The page requires flash support, which can be downloaded below.

Adobe Flash Player can be downloaded, here.

Adobe Shockwave can be downloaded, here.

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  1. R J Evans Says:

    Very weird indeed!

  2. Inna Tysoe Says:

    That is odd.


  3. Paula Mitchell Bentley Says:

    I’ll definitely be checking these out. Thanks!

  4. Bren Parks Says:

    Paula said it best……….:)

  5. Matt Gresham Says:

    Wow Weird, cool article

  6. bread Says:

    I like it.

  7. Wayne John Says:


  8. randon Says:

    Now those are weird!

  9. Nikki Evans Says:

    nice. Very nice. I like it.

  10. b eddie Says:

    Very Cool!

  11. Dewan Golam Shafi Choudhury Says:

    all this is diffinately wierd lol!

    thanks for ht article!

  12. Barneslow Says:

    ha! Didn’t know they had such freaky sites. I should really randomly search the internet for these.

  13. Gabriel Knight Says:

    There are some strange sites. I liked the Notpron one.


    Really weird and strange that I have never heard of any of these sites until now. Thank you so very much for broadening my range of weirdness.

    God Bless,

    Nelson Doyle

  15. Dan Williams Says:

    Great article, obviously some extensive research on these odd creations.

  16. Adam Henry Sears Says:

    Amit, hi, how are you?
    This is Freaky! Thanks!

  17. Lauren Says:

    Wow, these are exactly what I need to take my mind of Studying and drive me to complete insanity, lol.

  18. Bick Parker Says:

    And I thought my website was kinda weird. There’s hope for me yet!

  19. Betty Carew Says:

    great article , but weird sites lol

  20. babemarli Says:

    i like the way you did your article.

  21. The Black Enigma Says:

    I like your article!! Keep up the good work!!

  22. PsychoButterfly Says:

    nice article! well written and funny!! good work!

  23. Frederick Zammit Says:

    I viewed them, they are really weired, some scary too hehe. Well written and constructed article.

  24. Marli Diz Says:

    The site i had stumbled upon tends to be so hypnotic..which is the “medijate” annoying..i like it..i hate it!

    I couldn’t even leave the site…even i want to go onto the other site..i tend to stay in one page..never ending page…

    “Not pron” seems to be hard..i don’t get it… can’t pass level 2.

    well, i’ve seen “superbad”…but what knocked me off 1st is the “Absurd” one..

  25. Anna Ski Says:

    Thanks for this one! Weird, scary and absurd alright!

    Good one though!

  26. stumbler Says:

    These sites make me think of Portal… I’m sure GLaDOS is behind them trying to drive us insane

  27. Shanna Fuentes Says:

    Very interesting!

  28. Nikita K Says:

    Incredibly weird indeed! I must applaud you for even finding them in the first place! Too strange to be true!

  29. Oliver Says:

    TimeCube is the best.

    I’d nominate:

    a site to help people who suffer from those who suffer from psycopathy. !!

  30. ravi varma Says:

    tooo good thanq

  31. blue04 Says:

    wow they are totally gross :p

  32. mikie2000 Says:

    I love this article!! some very wierd stuff indeed!!

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