Why Yardsellr Isn’t a Good Choice

Sun, Sep 16, 2012, by gothtini

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Selling and Buying on Yardsellr, it can seem like a great idea but that doesn’t mean it is.

There are so many sites you can sell on now, so many more then Ebay which everyone use to turn to. Far as selling on Yardsellr, it seems that in some ways its a great way to make some extra money. Unlike on Ebay, there are no fees for the seller and items get spotlights through the facebook connection the site uses. Your items will get a lot more attention because of the set up, and because when people check your items out it will often end up on their facebook activities.

However that is about the end of the plus side of Yardsellr for sellers. The main problems Yardsellr has is actually more of problems for the buyers, but those problems will often lead to people not even buying from you. One of the big problems I’ve noticed on the site is it can be very frustrating to search for particular items you want. If you choose a broad term such as ‘batman’ it becomes literally impossible to see everything. As you scroll down to what you would think is the bottom of the page, the page will just grow to show more items. It is literally impossible to get to the very bottom of the page, making items very hard to find at times. I mentioned before that there are no fees for selling on the site, and that is true because all the fees turn towards the buyers. Yardsellr adds on a fee to every item you buy, and the rates of that have increased in fact.  I have tried to buy a 4 dollar keychain on the site, the cost of the keychain almost doubled because of the fact their fee is 1.95-2.95 depending on the item. You could get a super cheap item on there and be paying more in fees then the item is even worth! Personally I find this to be a HUGE rip off, I could see them adding a fee that is a percentage of the item like ‘20% of total price’ so like a 5 dollar item would have a 1 dollar fee. That wouldn’t be as bad, but all yardsellr wants to do now with that is screw people over. Their fees (or ‘their slice’ as they call it) are driving away potential customers, and are hurting their business as well as the sellers who actually try to sell items on there.  This flaw is big enough that even the gifts of money to be used on their site, they are called photons and ions, are not enough to make users buy things. 

Personally I think all there is to do now is wait for the site to shut down and give up. There are many other sites out there that can be used, several free markets that don’t charge fees to list items on. I highly recommend checking into one of these instead!

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