Why 4Chan May be The Most Important Site on The Internet

Wed, May 12, 2010, by GenericInsanity

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How the “cesspit of the internet” may be the final frontier for free speech.

Quick – what comes to mind when I mention 4chan? For most people it’s cats, memes, pornography (not all of it legal), trolling, life-ruining and a constant struggle for attention.

What makes this site so important?

First off, 4chan is a site described by Urban Dictionary as “the very heart, soul, and life force of the internet. This is a place beyond sanity, wild and untamed.” While this might be slightly overdramatic, the thought can be echoed throughout the internet.

This is the website which spawned the internet group ‘Anonymous’, made most famous for it’s War on Scientology. This is the website that has created virtually every meme on the internet, one that banded together to take down a cat abuser from a simple video.

This article is not about the accomplishments that stemmed from 4chan, that was not the work of the website, but rather the members. What makes 4chan so special?

Free speech.

In a world where everyone is a self-proclaimed ‘faggot’, there is no room for racism or sexism. Scratch that. There is plenty room, in fact, the website is so full of offensive content that it’s become mundane and standard. Is this a good thing? The fact that everyone, from homosexual to transsexual, from white to black, from man to woman is equally hated is a step above inequality – it’s negative equality.

Above all – the fact that everyone can connect anonymously, and post virtually ANYTHING without repercussion, is a giant leap for mankind.

These days, many sites are pushing for a standard user platform. Whether it’s the U.S Government supporting OpenID to Facebook Connect trying to become your one-stop internet and social media platform, one wonders how long it is until our entire internet and media experience becomes bundled under a single account – one that can be cut at will due to one-sided Terms of Service, rendering all your accounts useless.

There is no such system being implemented at 4chan, in fact it’s impossible to create an account of any sort. Some find this a curse, most find it a blessing. By keeping the web open for anyone to contribute and share, we see a side of human nature that would have been censored and covered up years ago on any other site. It’s important that we support websites such as 4chan, not for their content, but for their open ideologies.

Maybe, in this case, privacy overpowers convenience.

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