Who’s Buying Now: The Feds Never Stop….and That Means Opportunity for You!

How can you grow your small business in the middle of the Great Recession? Why not turn to a prospective client who buys a lot of everything and always pays on time – Uncle Sam! Through participating in the federal government’s reverse auction buys through FedBid, WBEs (Woman Business Enterprises) – and all small businesses – can quickly tap into billions of dollars in goods and services buys each month.

OK, we hear doom and gloom on the news that we watch and read on a 24/7 basis everyday. And in many ways, it is a vicious cycle – as each trickle of bad news seems to add-up to a flood of ill-tidings that makes it seem that when it comes to opportunities to make it in this world, well, one might as well grab a pillow, pull the covers up, and just spend your days watching Law & Order reruns and keeping up with those wacky, yet curvy, Kardashian sisters!

Well, some observers have really good tips for those who still believe that America is indeed the “Land of Opportunity” – and why did we ever doubt it! That’s because no matter how the economy is doing and how reluctant businesses of all sizes – and individuals – may be to spend, one entity is buying billions of dollars of “stuff” every hour of every day – yes, the federal government! And as Denise Gosnell and Jynell Berkshire of Working Moms Only (http://workingmomsonly.com/) recently pointed out, you don’t need a lot of money or friends in Washington – or millions of dollars in lobbying – to make an opportunity for yourself and for the small business you have – or one that you could create, today!. 

Gosnell and Berkshire recently authored an article with the eye-catching headline, “How Women Business Owners Can Obtain Billionaire Clients Who Always Pay On Time” (http://workingmomsonly.com/issues/how-women-business-owners-can-obtain-billionaire-clients-who-always-pay-on-time/). They pointed-out the advantages that WBEs (Woman Business Enterprises) have in the world of federal contracting – and give step-by-step directions on how to build a business – quickly – through getting involved as a supplier of “something” or some service to the federal government. Specifically, these authors highlighted how easy it is for ANY small business to get involved in federal procurement through the opportunities provided to WBEs by FedBid, Inc. of Vienna, Virginia (http://www.fedbid.com/), observing that:

Here is a golden nugget that most certified businesses aren’t even aware of.  There is also a third way that the U.S. federal government uses to buy goods and services.  That method is called FedBid (www.fedbid.com) and is a reverse auction (kind of like eBay) where you can bid on what you are willing to provide the product or service for.

The government then awards the project to the bidder who best met the requirements.  The winning bidder will usually be the bidder who offered the lowest price.  If you wanted to, you could have an entire business that just focuses on supplying the federal government with what it is looking for on FedBid.com.   

Wow! Think of it, you can build your business from the ground-up, based on a single, always reliable client who always wants – and needs – to buy more, and who always pays on time. Even better, you can follow the steps outlined in FedBid’s Getting Started Guide (http://www.fedbid.com/sellers/getting_started/) to begin building your business through participating in reverse auction buys being conducted every day by numerous federal agencies. And if you run into any difficulties, you can contact FedBid’s helpful staff for assistance on the web (mailto:clientservices@fedbid.com) or via a toll-free number (877-933-3243).

So, even if you’re not a small business that fits the WBE categorization, you should really explore how you can grow and expand your business opportunities through tapping into the hundreds of billions of dollars of federal procurement dollars. Experience has shown that reverse auctions create new opportunities for small businesses that participate in these buying events, and FedBid’s staff can help guide you through the process. All in all, it’s a no-risk proposition for any business to expand their horizons and explore new possibilities by becoming involved in the world of federal procurement. 


David C. Wyld (dwyld.kwu@gmail.com) is the Robert Maurin Professor of Management at Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, Louisiana. He is a management consultant, researcher/writer, and executive educator. He is the director of the Reverse Auction Research Center: http://reverseauctionresearch.blogspot.com/. His blog, Wyld About Business, can be viewed at http://wyld-business.blogspot.com/. He also maintains compilations of his student’s publications regarding management concepts (http://toptenmanagement.blogspot.com/), book reviews (http://wyld-about-books.blogspot.com/) and international foods (http://wyld-about-food.blogspot.com/).

From the Reverse Auction Research Center: http://reverseauctionresearch.blogspot.com/

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