What is Domain?

Sun, Sep 9, 2012, by nyarangi

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What is Domain?

Domain Defined

Generally, a domain refers to a control area or sphere of knowledge. In telecommunications and computing, a domain represents a knowledge sphere that a name identifies. Characteristically, the knowledge entails a facts collection concerning some networks addresses and points or a number of program entities. When on the internet domain consists of network addresses in a set. This particular Domain is divided into three different levels; the level at the top usually identifies purpose or geographic commonality. The second level deals with a special place that is inside the domain at the top level and is equivalent to a special address that is found upon the internet (IP address). Lower domain levels can be used as well.

Domain in Computer Applications

Within domain name system of the internet (DNS) the name domain refers to a name that has associations with records of the name server that usually describe a host or subdomains. Within Windows 2000 and Windows NT a domain identifies network resources. Such resources are like printers and applications among others that people constantly make use of. The only thing a user needs to do is to do is to log into the domain so that they can get access to the computer resources, which could be in different servers within network.

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