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Sat, Feb 5, 2011, by Jared P

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Where to find the best fattening stories – plus a reader’s guide to the best pieces of fat fiction online.

Weight Gain Fiction

Are you looking for the best websites for quality weight gain fiction and great fattening stories? Well look no further. I’ve been a connoisseur of this type of fiction for years – and here is the definitive list of the best sites and the best weight gain stories.

1. Dimenions Magazine. The biggest collection weight gain fiction online – thousands and more become added almost every day. Has both a “weight room” archive of all the weight gain stories submitted under the old system and a forum for new submissions. Some of them tend to be on the more extreme side of weight gain fantasy so be warned. 

2. Mollycoddles. A great site for quality weight gain stories. A much smaller selection that Dimensions but a much higher quality of weight gain fiction overall. More modest weight gain in most of these stories.

3. Fantasy Feeder. Hundreds of weight gain stories – but the quality is lower than dimensions and the interactive forum is a lot less fun. 

4. Curvage. Some good stories and over BBW info but you have to register to look at it.

5. Forever Changing A forum dedicated to female transformations of all kids, though weight gain is probably the most popular. A good site for those who are interested in dark or otherwise strange transformations in addition to just weight gain fiction.

The Best Weight Gain Stories

1. Fantasy Variation. A sexy, creative romp through the mind.

2. Nerdy Girlfriend. A weight gain story combined with a nerdy transformation. 

3. The Cheerleader. A cheerleader changes for the better. Similar in content to “Nerdy Girlfriend” but very different weight gain fiction writing style.

4. Embers in the Frost. More sweet and sentimental fat fiction.

5. Bellies in High School. Funny and cute.

So there you have it…happy reading!

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