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Sat, May 31, 2008, by Claire M

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New websites spring up all the time, but some are more useful than others. The websites listed here get full marks for ingenuity and offer services that will really enhance people’s lives. From spring cleaning to finding a reputable professional, these websites have it covered.

The internet is nothing new, but weird and wonderful websites continue to spring up daily. eBay may be the website with the biggest success story, but it is by no means the only one. The following websites will make your life easier in some way – or give you a great idea to think of your own one!


At first it sounded great – taking pictures and videos off your mobile phone and uploading them to a site – but then it became hard work. Shozu came along and changed all that. This handy site lets you upload your images to various sites easily.

How to Clean Anything

Not the flashiest of websites, but certainly a useful one. No matter what nasty mess you have to clean up, this site will have the answer on how to do it. There’s a forum for those who love cleaning to share their own tips and some amazing secrets revealed reagarding soap, vinegar and wood!


Before you splash out your hard-earned bucks on a new technological wonder, such as a sat-nav system, chat to someone who already owns one. This way you get to find out exactly what you want to know about the product rather than have to wade through oceans of marketing material.


The technology here is world-class. Spinvox can take your voicemails and turn them into emails or texts. The results are very accurate. You can also program Spinvox to send voice messages of you don’t like texting.


For all book lovers out there, this site will become a firm favourite. The site has been up and running for 10 years already and features the titles and authors of new, used and rare books. There are over 120 million titles on the site.


Think of this as digital word of mouth. This website gives you contact details and access to a selection of top quality professional attorneys, accountants, designers and financial advisers. All professionals on this site have been thoroughly vetted so you can have peace of mind when using their services.

Embassy World

This site is a must have for those who travel. Every consulate and embassy in the world is listed here. Embassyworld also gives you access to every online phone directory in the world – a great resource.

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