Triond Scam or Legit?

Tue, Jan 25, 2011, by Sravan s

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Many people think that Triond is a scam ,especially when they see the banners of Triond saying " Earn 400$ a month".A person who is trying to make some money through the internet can’t accept it as he thinks that no one will give this much of money.

Here is the truth .

Triond is a 100% legit site .Even though many people say that it is a scam ,it is actually legit .And there people who likes to destroy the reputation of a perfect website by some naughty tasks .

Here are the proofs for Triond’s payments


From my view , Triond is a perfect website for young writers to show their talent and also to earn some money  .There is no doubt that Triond is legit . And if one has any problem in the money matters ,one can contact the Triond by use of Help center .

So if you are not a member of Triond ,join Triond today .

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  1. JoeStone Says:

    Love triond, nice earnings btw

  2. lowellhenderson Says:

    Hey that’s pretty clever.

  3. lowellpendon Says:

    I totally agree that this is 100% legit online business.

  4. cvillelax19 Says:

    still working on my earnings but ill get there someday!

  5. Sheila Barnhill Says:

    Triond is my future!

  6. westttt23 Says:

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