Torrent Seeders and Leechers Definition

Sun, Jan 23, 2011, by costerz

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So, what is seeders and leechers?

Torrent is a highly popular peer-to-peer file-sharing activity that allows participants to send and receive files from other computers. Although it’s often used for purposes that may border on copyright infringement, such as the sharing of music, it has widespread legitimate use in many programs and systems in the world.

are people who have already downloaded the complete file and remain connected so that others can download from them.

A computer that has a complete copy of the specific torrent you are downloading . Once your client finishes downloading, it will remain open until you click the Finish button. This is known as seeding. You can also start a BitTorrent Client with a complete file, and once BitTorent has checked the file it will connect and seed the file to others. It is good to continue seeding a file after you have finished downloading, to help others finish. Also, when a new torrent is posted to a tracker, someone must seed it in order for it to be available to others. The trackers doesn’t know anything of the actual contents of a file, so it’s important to follow through and seed a file if you upload the torrent to a tracker.

Leechers are people who are still downloading the file. With bit torrents, you can also download from a leecher, but only the parts of the file they have already downloaded themselves. This is what makes bit torrent so fast. Leechers can also mean people who disconnect as soon as they have downloaded the file.

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