Torn City Points Buyer Cheat/hack

Thu, Feb 24, 2011, by peanutz

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A program made for the famous Torn city text based MMORPG that will automatically buy points.

So, I finally found a program that works for the MMORPG torn city ( points market. I was looking for it for hours and hours and couldn’t find it, but today I accidentally found it when I was browsing a forum!

Are you tired of never seeing any points on the market after the NPCs stopped selling them? And when you do someone else is faster than you and buys them? I have to say that made me really angry but its all going to change now that I found this program!

All you need to do is let it log in into your account and it will automatically visit the points market once its done logging in and start refreshing the points market and buy points when they appear on the market! And this thing actually works!

Now you can buy points for 50k off the market without even being there and  later sell them in your faction for a lot more!

Best part is that this is the only totally undetectable way to cheat on Torn!

and here is the download link :

have fun and good luck!

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