Top Seven Best Motivational Websites on the Web!

Sun, May 10, 2009, by Counselorhelp

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My listing of the best motivational websites around!


This is the online motivational and get-things-done motivational website of Leo B. If you like How To lists, and if you like the idea of simplicity and getting things done, then give it a click!

2) Steve Pavlina.

If you check out the archived articles and the blog, you will see that Steve P isn’t your ordinary guy! He uses himself as a guinea pig in science-like personal development experiments – so you can benefit from it!

3) Get Rich Slowly.

This is a unique financial personal development site. Right now, in the current economic climate, we need all the financial motivation we can get!

4) The Simple Dollar.

This is a site that aims to encourage you to be very simple when it comes to your money saving. It’s based on getting the best value from every dollar, so that you don’t become a victim of the credit crunch/ recession/ financial oblivion!

5) Four Hour Work Week.

OK, you may wonder why this is in the “Motivation” section! Let me explain … if you get a handle of the “life hacking” that Timothy Ferriss puts forward here, you WILL be motivated.

6) Mental Health Info Source.

This site is excellent and has a lot of free Mental Health Articles. It’s in the process of being completed, but the articles are available already.

7) Fool.

This site is the Motley Fool. It’s aim is to Educate, Amuse and Enrich! It’s essentially financial again, but has a lot of special tricks and quirks that you are sure to like!

I hope you liked this listing, and if you do, why not leave a comment?



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  1. skylite Says:

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Kundan Says:

    Yeah, the list looks good. One more that I regularly visit is

  3. Ron Says:

    Check out the new Motivational Website;

    You will love it!

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  6. David Says:

    Another one that’s been online for more than twelve years is . It has a huge selection of materials and they send out free email quotations and meditations every day.

  7. walker Says:

    how about this website………only 1 word to describe it AWESOME

  8. Tessa Says:

    One of my favorites is
    The members are incredible and the site is just amazing

  9. Jack Washington Says:

    If you are more into the visual arts and graphic design I love

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