Top Five Websites to Find Free Stuff Everyday, No Strings Attached

Thu, Dec 13, 2007, by Alicia Williams

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Books, magazine subscriptions, Starbucks gift cards and a wide array of other goods.

Top 5 Websites to Find Free Stuff Everyday, No Strings Attached!!!!!

Upon surfing the net I have come across a number of websites that offer “free stuff” and when I would click on these links the stuff was never really free there was always a catch of some sort. I either had to sign up for clubs were I had to earned points for “free stuff” or I had to pay shipping and handling. I then decided to do my own research to see if there were websites out there that actually helped me find where all the free stuff was, that required no hidden fees or commitments.

In this article you will find a list of five websites in which I have discovered that helps you receive free stuff without any strings attached. I have found these sights very helpful in a number of ways. I have been able to try samples of new products before I actually invested my own money to purchase them. I have found cool freebies for my child, my husband and even my pets. So, here is my list of my personal top five websites:

  1. Free Sample Forager

    This website is really cool because it list freebies in categories. These categories include: food, health, home, kids, pets, religion, schwag, and miscellaneous. What I like about this website is that it has a newsletter you can sign up for that is emailed to you everyday and you can see if there any freebies that interest you.

  2. Absurdly Cool Freebie Finder

    The name says it all. Everything is free and there are new posts everyday. It’s all here and it’s free. The format of this website is very easy to navigate which is a plus.

  3. Your Freebie Fix

    Freebie fix, is a good website because not only does it offer the latest freebies, but it also helps you find coupons for stores for great discounts on future purchases. Great to know for Christmas shopping!

  4. Just Free Stuff

    This website has over ten different categories to pick from for free items.

  5. Pumpkin Head

    Pumpkin Head is a unique website that also offers great freebies. There are tons of freebies listed on this website which includes Starbucks gift cards and free accessories for the Nintendo Wii.

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  1. Sammie Says:

    Nice list, I didn’t know about three of these. Here are two more that I use that fit your criteria:

  2. Dave Says:

    Hi Thanks for the link to Free Sample Forager. We’ve recently changed domains to . The old link will no longer work. Thanks again!

  3. Amy Waldron Says:

    Thanks for taking the time to post this. Very nice of you! :)

  4. surfingonline Says:

    thanks for sharing these site boy i found some great stuff. take it easy and thanks a lot for sharing.

  5. Kim Says:

    the best still out there is WalMart– they change it up every week or so and there are zero strings attached ever- some of these sites are still some strings here and there to watch out for– but thanks for the posting- I liked most of these sites

  6. elaine Says:

    the best freebie site yet i think is

  7. Alicia Williams Says:

    Check out my new article about free stuff for moms and children
    or follow me on my blog at

  8. Ashley Says:

    try every thing is completly FREE

  9. Alicia Williams Says:

    Check out my article on mom blogspots it is a more updated list of things that are free and worth looking at :D

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