Top Five Lesbian Tumblr Blogs

Sun, Oct 3, 2010, by Angie Bee

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My selection of the best Tumblr blogs to follow within the lesbian community.

When Blogger met Twitter, they birthed a child, whom we all know as Tumblr. Tumblr is a great way to express yourself in many different forms (Pictures, Texts, Videos, Dialogue). It also is a great way to meet people who think and feel the same as you.

I’ve decided to do a few articles on some of my favorite Tumblrs’, in different categories; many of them concerning the LGBT community, which I happen to be a part of.

I’ve brought to you my Top 5 picks on the best Lesbian Tumblrs’ to follow:

5) Lesbians Who Look Like…Lesbians

4) Queer Black Women (And Sometimes Men)

3) Girls Who Love Girls

2) Queer Secrets

1) Cute Lesbian Couples

Of course, you can always check out my Tumblr at

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