Top Five Adsense Earners Make More Than $100,000 Per Month

Tue, Jun 29, 2010, by Greenleaf

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An article on Top five AdSense earners. Motivation for us to keep going.

Google AdSense has been around for years and there are a lot of people making huge income from Google AdSense every month. From my research online, I found 5 top AdSense earners who are making more than USD$100,000 per month using Google AdSense. Google AdSense has been good income for a lot of website owners. In this article, I share with you the top 5 AdSense earners on the Internet; you will be amazed that they are making such a large amount of income soley from AdSense every month.

The list below shows the Top 5 Adsense Earners. Let us learn from them and make more money from AdSense.

  • Markus Frind owner of
    • The owner of this website earns roughly USD$300,000 per month. I am sure a lot of you know The site is an online dating website which gets a lot of visitors and users. The site is now one of the largest online dating sites on the Internet. Believe it or not, Markus Frind started the site in his own apartment all by himself. He is now earning USD$300,000 per month from this site.
  • Kevin Rose owner of
    • According to online sources, Kevin Rose is earning around USD$250,000 per month from I was using to promote my blogs long time ago and the site is truly amazing in terms of getting traffic to my blogs. So, it is undeniably a good site to share our online contents. Maybe this is the reason a lot of people are using the site and Kevin Rose is making so much income from AdSense Ads on
  • Jeremy Schoemaker
    • ShoeMoney is a well known site sharing about ways to make money online and internet marketing. The site is equipped with great amount of information and the site gets ton of traffic every month. One of the best months of ShoeMoney is producing around $130,000 per month.
  • Jason Calacanis owner of Weblogs, Inc.
    • This is another great idea to make money from AdSense. Weblogs is a network of blogs that is making roughly USD$110,000 per month. Weblogs is a great idea because it is creating a network of blogs and it is using other people’s time and effort to earn more money from AdSense.
  • David Miles Jr. & Kato Leonard owner of
    • is a very simple site offering free MySpace layouts, graphics and designs. I have checked the site; it is simple and easy to use. The AdSense Ads on the site is placed at a good location. USD$100,000 per month is quite easy to achieve if the traffic to the site is good.

Look at the Top 5 AdSense income above, the incomes are more than USD$100,000 per month. If they can do it, then we can do the same too. We can also make so much income from AdSense every month. If we can use AdSense properly, AdSense is a good source of income online.

Hope you enjoy reading this article. Let us make more money from AdSense together.

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  1. Jack Flynn Says:

    Interesting Article! Keep it up :)

    -Jack Flynn

  2. I Am No One Says:

    that’s called living a dream which of course will never happen to me =p

  3. briantaylor1992 Says:

    That would be totally awesome to get that much each month, but I don’t ever see me even making 1/20th of any of those. Nice article. :)

  4. JoeKL Says:

    I dont see anyone earning this off blogs or articles, unless you getting close to 20,000 visitors a day. However if you start a successful website, then who knows? :P Siberian Husky, you cant think like that otherwise i will never happen! Good luck guys :)

  5. Anuradha Ramkumar Says:

    This really motivates me. I think one day I too can make big money from my blogs.

  6. Jimmy Shilaho Says:

    Very encouraging indeed but then, did you notice that these men and women have their own sites and do not depend on Triond?

  7. maranatha Says:

    Leo is correct – but a marketer can still make money, even here! Just ask Mnofdichotomy.

    Another point is that everyone I know who makes money from their sites have been doing it for years. It doesn’t happen overnight, and it doesn’t happen without constant effort.

  8. giftarist Says:

    Interesting and encouraging!

  9. yes me Says:

    Watch your self in the stampede…. as Leo said these guys n gals own the web sights plus an awful lot of long hours. cheers

  10. Greenleaf Says:

    Thanks for the comments. :) It takes a lot of efforts to earn that much money per month and we need a lot of visitors to get that amount of income. It is not easy but I think if we work hard for it, ?I think that we can at least earn 1/200 of $100,000. Keep going and hope we can reach our goal. :)

  11. Blaber Blogger Says:

    this is an awesome article

    you wrote it really well

    Thanks for sharing the article my friend

    I hope I get to really more amazing articles from you too more and more

    Best Regards

    Mr Arrogant

  12. papaleng Says:

    interesting share.

  13. Tip Writer Says:

    How I wish I can have that, too :)
    here, read this
    Blogging to bring in Adsense profits

  14. Rohit19 Says:

    Thanks for the article… its very inspirational and teaches one to not lose hope too soon

  15. Plofl Says:

    Interesting…maybe someday one of us can make that much money!

  16. Emmie Says:

    Wow this really is a very good article

  17. Tulan Says:

    Looks like they hit the jack pot.

  18. GardsJr Says:

    The thing to remember is, that some of this money will go back into advertising the sites and keeping the hosting, but all the same, these guys have all done really well…

  19. irenen1 Says:

    With $100.000 a month, I think paid advetising is not a problem.

  20. suhail Says:

    whoa … very nice artilce man … working at the desk is a little more difficult now !!!

    but you are right , if they can so can we all !

  21. SharifaMcFarlane Says:

    Ah, information. It’s always good to have proof that the goal can be achieved.
    Good work GL.

  22. Says:

    Good Information About Adsense Earners In the World.. Keep it Up..

  23. University info Says:

    That is a very great list. I wish i could also be like those guys

  24. JoeStone Says:

    Wow, great info. The dfference between them and us is they have a website…and great ones that offer something

  25. Best Car Wallpapers Says:

    Great inspirations, Hopefully my name will there one day :)

  26. Get rid of An Acne Says:

    unbelievable $100 k a month, just one of those a year and you can take the rest of the year of:)

  27. Pummy Manku Says:

    That’s a huge money :)
    when will i make that much money with adsense ;)

  28. Google Admin Says:

    Here’s the list of the top tech gurus earning loads of money with the help of Google Adsense :

    1. Markus Frind: – $300,000 per month
    Markus runs a profitable dating site

    2. Kevin Rose: – $250,000 per month

    Kevin partnered with and runs several similar

    websites and ad programs.

    3. Jeremy Shoemaker – $195,000 per month

    Jeremy runs an online blog and gains lots of exposure

    through his success and envy.

    4. Jason Calacanis: Weblogs, Inc. – $190,000 per month

    He started weblogs and is piggybacking on shoemaker

    5. Moe Somani: Classified Intl. – $185,000 per month

    Moe sold his retail clothing empire to become a popular tech guru
    and runs multiple classified sites and submission tools

    6. Tim Carter: – $30,000 per month

    Tim gives advice on building free of charge but support has
    him making money throgh adsense.

    7. Joel Comm – $24,000 per month

    Joel runs several niche sites

    8. Shawn Hogan — $10,000 per month

    Shawn is climbing up fast with his site and he left his job
    at McDonalds to start his own site after attending part-time
    at a local technical college

  29. Charles Kiyimba Says:

    Every one talks about the same top adsense earners but where do they get that information from? Does Google Adsense provide that information? Is it the website owners who reveal the information? Aren’t there other people earning reasonable amount of money from adsense? Why do most websites have adsense if they were not earning anything? What do most websites earn on average from adsense?

  30. dubzi Says: earns 30,000 $ per month from google ad sense

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