Top Eight Annoying Websites You Must See Before You Die

Wed, Jun 3, 2009, by Sabin Moses

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Have you ever been to a website which makes you annoyed of just looking into a blank screen?

You won’t normally find annoying websites on a normal day. Annoying websites can take in the form of blinking letters which makes your eyes go crazy to websites with a lot ( and i mean A LOT) of annoying popups which can really hurt your finger if you want to go through all of them! So, before you visit any of these “ill-fated” websites, let me just warn you that it can really take a long time to endure these annoying sites. Also, please put on standby your task manager so as to close your web browser as you may not be able to control it!

There will be a dare challenge for all of you to see if you can withstand these annoying sites!

So, put your protective gears on as we start on the trail of the top 7 world’s most annoying websites. May God save you all!

  1. – Well, you don’t particularly need to worry about this site as it is not as annoying as other sites. Well, the only annoying part is that this site is full of blinking links that you probably won’t even notice! ( You may feel tired after seeing this annoying site but not so fast, we have just started this trail!)
    Dare: Look at this site for at least 2 minutes without blinking your eyes!
  2. – This one’s need special precautions! If you are having problems with your eyes, then don’t ever try to to go this site. This website can make your eyes wild if you see it for a long time! It’s really annoying.
    Dare: Look at this site for 30 sec – Remember, you can always close it if you are feeling weird! – Do not view if you have epilepsy
  3. At last a site where there is no need for any precautions, it just plain fun and maybe annoying but if you are really those kind of “must-see” people, you can always visit this site!
    Dare: Sorry, no dare for this site because it is not that annoying.
  4. – This site has a mix of very wrong colour combination along with very annoying spelling mistakes which can make your head go round!
    Dare: Read the words which can barely be seen!
  5. – This site’s full of spelling mistakes you can’t even read what’s it’s about! Added with an annoying screen with colours, this site is for those who think they don’t know what’s annoying.
    Dare: Try to read the mis-spelled word!
  6. – This is a web puzzle which can really make you mad. And the worst part? You may not even understand the rules of this mind boggling game!
    Dare: Well, it’s obvious, solve this puzzle!
  7. – This site is just the thing you will see when your TV really needs a repair. This site enabled with the annoying sound you would find when your TV’s broken, will really get on your nerves!
    Dare: Nothing special but try putting the noise louder and see it for 5 minutes!
  8.  -  The ultimate weird website you’ll need for weird news all over the world! -Very weird but not annoying!

So there we have it! The 8World’s Most Annoying Sites you should dread to go to! And if you have any suggestions for any more annoying stuff you may find on the web, please do not hesitate to comment! Before I go, let me tell you one thing, if you can’t stop your computer from being crazy after visiting the above sites, don’t blame me! I warned you!

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  1. t simon Says:

    hahaha! good list!

  2. jefsmack Says: that one’s pretty good actually. I reset or refined my sensibilities to consider what’s annoying about it and decided that it’s sophisticated in its annoyingness.

  3. Leo Says:

    Absolutely hilarious that the first thing that came up when I opened this link was one of those new black-out popups!

  4. SyahirSQRT2 Says:

    The misspelled text:
    “Greetings to the most annoying website ever. Don’t be sad. You’d found it!”
    The yellow text below is the same, too. It’s just written in reverse.

  5. charlie Says:

    omg have you not gone on the the annoying website of all ?!!!
    go on
    it well annoying plz leave a message to replay if you went on this site >=D

  6. blue Says:


  7. DevilishDB Says:

    That\’s what Kick Ass ( was invented for!

  8. Hurr Durr Says:

    Put hurr Durr on funny and annoying. If u wanna get off go 2 task manager

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