Top 10 Most Unusual Websites in the World You Must See Before You Die

Sun, Mar 22, 2009, by Sabin Moses

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Weird Websites are all around us. We just aren’t noticing them!

Seen a gross website? Or even something related to humour? We bring you the most unusual websites you may have not heard of! Well, some are funny and some gross. But who cares? Now take a huge deep breath as we uncover the World’s Most Unusual Websites!

1. An unusual but funny site with a twist. It offers you many more features which include prank calls and interactive cartoons! Log on to find out more!

2. As the name says it, this site is for those who want to adopt a demon! Yeah, that’s right, a demon. I wonder who will adopt such a thing. Anyway, if you are a demon fan, have a heart!

3. This site mainly talks about rumours. Nothing interesting about rumours you may say, but hang on, there are lots of categories to choose from politics to sports.

4. Ever fell off your bicycle and got a serious wound? Well, here is your chance to share your pain with the world! It’s simple! Just take a picture of your disgusting wound and send it to this website. Watch people vomit in gross!

5. We dare you to enter this site!  This site is specially dedicated to the living dead. Not just any living dead, but living DEAD dolls! This site is just plain sick man!

6. Ever wanted to search for the weirdest happenings in an encyclopedia. This site will surely suite you with hundreds of weird articles ready to freak you out!

7. Want to know how long you will live? Well check this site out! You will discover how short life is. Just enter your particulars down and see your personal death time! It is quite funny though!

8. Ever felt that the earth is flat? Good news! You are not alone. This site is against the theory that the earth is round! Weird!

9. Filled with weird inventions, this will surely make you an Albert Einstein. You could even make your own invention and send it to this site. Some of them are totally weird though!

10. Ever wanted to own a universe. Well, now you can! This site allows you to purchase “deeds’” to an entire parallel universe! You can even customize it! It is for those who want to play prank on your friends or relatives!

Special link: – This is one of the most weirdest websites in the world with weird articles from all over the world!

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  1. Unusualhomes Says:

    Death clock is a wee, tad depressing…

  2. gunjan Says:

    people really gona touch your food..nice video..

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