Top 10 Most Scariest Websites in the World You Must See Before You Die

Thu, Mar 19, 2009, by Sabin Moses

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See them before they disappear into their graves. If you are a ghost hunter, you have come to the right place.

Hello again, it’s me, the author of “Top 10 Most Boring Websites in Thew World“. Anyway here is the link to by hilarious article!

Please also visit this Weird Website before you read this…

So, are you ready to get freaked out of your chair? Brace yourself as you may encounter some of the most scariest websites in the world of Internet! Note: Some of the websites are labelled unknown simply because they cannot be found. I tried to click on the page but it won’t turn out. I assume it is haunted!

1. (Unknown)- This site has been reported seen by many but when they visit the site again, it says there is no such website! Mainly, I heard that this site is about ritual abusers who talk about their gruesome stuff! You would instantly vomit once you go to that page. It is very weird that it can only be viewed once as it would just vanish into thin air!

2. (Unknown)- This site has also the unusual occurrence of disappearing although it may be once in a blue moon. It claims that the website was made by a well known person who died in an accident. It states that it is looking for real human bodies preferably those of children to take control of. It even states the address of the dead person so that those “interested” could offer their earthly bodies! Looks like ghosts have gone hi-tech!

3. True Ghost Stories – This site is quite cool for those ghosts hunters out there. It provides pictures of known ghosts. There, real people send messages about any ghosts encounters that even you can solve!

4. Rotten- This site is rotten man! If you want to get chills down your spine, then this site is a must. It gives you all the information about rotten events happening around the world! One such event is maggots on human flesh! Gross!

5. Ghost Study: Camlinks – This site will interest you out if you are lucky to spot a ghost! Yeah, that’s right. This site provides you with web-cam footage of places which are rumoured to be haunted. It is also helpful if you are a amateur ghost hunter who doesn’t have the proper equipments for ghost catching.

6. Ghosts of Earth – This website claims to be the the most haunted place on the web. It also has ghost cams and other scary stuffs like Werewolves and UFOs. Feel free to roam around the site if you dare!

7. Ghost Hunter’s Addict – As the name says it, it is about the Sci-fi channel series Ghost hunters. It provides you with the full coverage of the episodes, forums, skeptic views, reviews and articles. So if you are going to find out if some ghostly apparitions are true, you can just visit this site.

8. Horror Find: Horror Demon – Visit this site if you are really an expert in ghosts and demons.It is quite funny though although the animations there are quite scary.

9. Gettysburg’s Haunted Address - This site offers you the privilege to stay in a haunted house! You may even catch a glimpse of ghosts there if you are there for a visit! It also provides you with guided tours.

10. Ghost 101 – Want to get the latest news about ghosts around the world. Here, you can get the latest, breaking news around the world only about ghosts and nothing else. So anyone looking for the latest ghost sighting can go here!

So there we have it, see them if you dare. Go on and have fun!

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  1. M J katz Says:

    Okay…now I have to spend even MORE time on the internet thanks to your giving me the addresses to ‘ghost sites’ which facinates me so much! :)
    Your article was informative and fun to read…Good job!

  2. Pennywise Says:

    Hey! The unknown sites really got me into a mood of searching around the internet to find them, but do you know the name of the websites, even though they can’t be opened?

  3. Nat Says:

    I’m too chicken to click any of those links. :P

  4. Soup Says:

    lol i dont find any of these scary

  5. torri Says:

    i really want to see those \”unopenable\” websites, but im really scared to know what they are.

  6. Dave Says:

    Unfortunately, half those sites you listed seemed. Good post anyways. Although none of them really scared me, this webpage does a good job of finding a bunch of freaky stuff on the internet. Worth a glance at least, if you’re interested in that stuff:

  7. jason Says:

    lol,nthing is scary here,stupid wedsite,i am not afraid of any of your ghost,i dare u to make me scare.

  8. Sabin Moses Says:

    Well, I know really scary websites that are meant to scare you and I wanted to write it down, but unfortunately, it was against the rules for this article though…they said no harmful content should be on this article… THAT’S SO CHILDISH~!

  9. BaRnZii Says:

    dramatica offensive this is the worst website ever

  10. Isabel Says:

    I wish I could know the UNKNOWN website to see
    for myself I love a good scare but the other websites were lame! So I agree with the ppl above me..

  11. jennie morgan Says:

    who has the name soup i mean what? leave this website alone someone else might like it :b

  12. Kelsy Says:

    i’m 12 and I love them!! Even though I haven’t opened them yet. i’ll upload em on youtube. My username is:kelsy53.

  13. Renaldo Says:

    woha..that’s all makes me laugh very very much !haaha

  14. Renaldo Says:

    if you brave enogh, you gotta check >

  15. smp keluarga Says:

    spooky and scary,
    I do not dare to visit the web.

  16. JAcsk Says:

    OK COOL WEBSITE !!! lol sum rnt tht scary but good links mate imma recond them 2 my friends

  17. Angela Says:

    I\’m to afraid 2watch those website iam only 10 but I have a collection of true ghost stories

  18. Wes Says:

    You should definitely check out It has all kinds of ghosts, ghost stories and other scary things!

  19. revermarie Says:

    does about remember that one webstie it was called something like or something along the lines of that, now that was a scary site i use to get on it all the time in middle school i miss it :(

  20. prsol46 Says:

    Very cool, will have to check some out!

  21. ludah Says:

    I remember one website called or something like that, it use to scare the crap out of me back in school lol. Cool site btw

  22. ElisaGrace Says:

    I’m not easily scared. If y’all find something truly scary, send it here:

  23. zakk Says: is the best of the best. for all you sadistic and sick mofos lol. check it out

  24. Gary Says:

    Make sure you check out \\\”Take This Lollipop.\\\” It utilizes Facebook Connect technology and is very cool and VERY creepy. Bwa, ha ha ha ha ha. My review and a link here.

  25. Danielle Says:

    whats the point of posting the unkown websites if you cant even get to them lol

    everyones just gonna be trying when they dont even have a hint of the name. :/

  26. Jim Says:

    Well the first two are urban legends, and the rest are all ghost nonsense. Are there any real ones similar to the description of the first site listed?

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