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Sat, May 31, 2008, by Zealous

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Despite the copious amounts of junk on the internet today, there are still some great websites out there. Check out this list to avoid to bad stuff and go straight to great!

The internet is full of useless websites. Some will cost you money, some are free, but they all cost you time. One of the most disappointing experiences one can have on a daily basis is that of using the internet for some amount of time, then glancing at the clock only to notice that several hours have passed while nothing productive has been done. We are so susceptible to these wasteful websites because we come to the internet for other reasons: to shop, check the weather, look at the stock market, have a good laugh. Yet, we invariably follow link after link until we go from interesting article to complete junk. By the time we realize we’re reading junk we’re just noticing that clock.

Many times, though, we’re on the “net taking care of business and find ourselves with a few extra minutes. Wary of the wasteful websites we sift through our bookmarks looking for that really entertaining website we used to visit but haven”t in a while. Want to make use of that extra time without donating it to one of those annoying and totally useless sites? Well, here’s that list of sites you’ve been looking for:

  1. College Humor – Currently in college? Remember the years back when? Never been to college? Doesn’t matter! Use this site to relive those crazy days or simply laugh at other’s misfortunes on this hilarious site with its numerous anecdotes and great links.
  2. The Onion – Perhaps the most hilarious website out there. It’s a fake newspaper available in both online and print versions (yes, they really print a fake paper!). The stories are totally ridiculous, but if you send the link to an unsuspecting friend the stories are just believable enough that your friend might think you’ve discovered the most insightful/absurd newspaper ever!
  3. Sodaplay – This creative website allows you to manipulate different “models” in many environments. The enjoyment derived from this website will likely depend upon your own creativity in combination with your interest in physics. This site is definitely a lot of fun!
  4. Prank Dial – Sitting in front of the computer at work while your friend is on vacation? Send them an automated prank call, free! It’s safe, fun, and easy and there are many options, including: voice, language, what you want said, and even the number that will show up on caller ID (so they think someone else is calling!). Overall a simple, easy way to share a laugh with a friend.
  5. eBaum s World – Similar to College Humor, but it caters to a broader audience. This site is famous for popularizing the “End of World” flash video (originally created by MIT students) as well as having in stock many ridiculous “never before seen” commercials and such. A must visit for young and old!
  6. Newgounds – Their motto is “Everything. By Everyone.” and it is just that. A compilation of videos, games, cartoons, music, and even forums, there is something here for everyone.
  7. Icanhascheezburger? – The lolcat fad may be over, but there is something about the way cats wind up in photographs that just makes these little fellas so entertaining. Dogs are great, but its cats that make for the best funny pictures. IF you haven’t heard about lolcats, you have to check this site out!
  8. Darwin Awards – This satirical website details the escapades of the most foolish human beings. Think you or someone you know has recently made the biggest mistake you can think of? Well, you haven’t seen this year’s nominees! Ever witness someone doing something incredibly foolish and think “Whoa! They might pay for that someday!” Well they do, and for it they might receive one of these awards.
  9. Bragster – A site where you can dare your friends to do things, and, once they have, they can post victory on the internet. Or you can just watch videos that others have posted responding to crazy dares. Overall a rather entertaining website where you can see the bizarre things people will do for their 15 minutes of fame.
  10. Funny Exam Answers – We’ve all heard the urban legends about students bolding answering exams. There is the famous philosophy exam where the professor simply writes “Why?” on the final and the student responds with a simple, “Why Not?” There is also the “What is bravery” exam question answered only by, “This is.” While those myths sound intriguing to any student, do you ever wonder if anyone has had the guts to actually write that stuff on exams. Well, yes they have. And fortunately for us someone has made a compilation Funny exam answers shows you the boldness – or straight foolishness – of some exam takers. Enjoy!
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  1. Oranjello Says:

    I think I’ve just spent the last hour looking at these sites. Thanks!

  2. Says: Esta pagina es mas divertida y bonita que todas esas pendejo

  3. nessaboo Says:

    lmmfao the prank site is best

  4. Nevin Says:

    What about vtring .com…

  5. varg Says:

    the ocean pipes first album is awesome

  6. laminda Says:

    give any sexy site

  7. torleif Says:

    dude, did you forget

  8. Lallan Omur Says:

    I love all those sites! I would add to my personal list though :D

  9. hgfhfg Says:

    never heard of em… hmmm

  10. Ryan Says:

    An entertaining food service web site is

  11. Breanna Says:

    Number 6 is Newgrounds, with an “r”. Thanks for all the great links!

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