Top 10 Funniest Websites in The World You Must See Before You Die

Wed, Mar 18, 2009, by Sabin Moses

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Laugh Your Heads Off As We Uncover The Most Funniest Websites In The World.

Welcome to the funny world called Earth, where you are ought to find everything funny! Now get ready to explore the funniest of the net!

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Please make sure your head is properly fitted on to your neck before you read this. Also if you find your head rolling on the floor, don’t forget to put it back on your neck or else it will be considered littering. We don’t encourage acts against the law. So hold on to your butts as we uncover the funniest websites in the world!

1. Stupid Videos- This site deserves to be on the top! With thousand of extremely funny videos clips uploaded by people around the world, it will surely make you laugh until you cry! Remember, do not visit this site at the public library unless you want curious stares at you!

2. Funny Junk – Similar to the above site, this site also provides you with a wide variety of funny videos you will laugh at until your stomach hurts! This is a must for those who loves comedies! It also has categories like the highest rated funny pictures!

3. Ebaum’s World – If you want a good laugh, you MUST visit this site. It is a review of the happenings around the world with a twist. Some news are meant to be funny indeed!

4. Joe Cartoon: Atom- Those interested in cartoon comedies should visit this site. This site provides you with cartoon comics, funny games and interactive tools for you to meddle with.

5. Very Funny Downloads – Consider this if you want a good laugh. The videos here are super funny. What is more is that you can download it for free! Those who want to watch funny videos on the go can just download it a copy it to your hand phone memory card after you converted it!

6. Funny Hub – This is a multi-interactive website offering you funny pictures, videos, jokes and more! You can even submit your content and get t published. Furthermore, there are animations and games for you to play!

7. Holy Lemon – Another popular website with tons of funny videos for you to have a laugh at. It claims to have the web’s number 1 collection of Funny Videos, Flash Movies, Fun Games and Funny Pictures! New Funny Videos are added to the site regularly.

8. Fail Blog – I personally think this is one of the funniest websites in the world! It has cool pictures of the world’s funniest moments and things that are often gone unnoticed!It has thousands of failed pictures and videos!

9. The Human Hybrid - Ever wanted to look like a hybrid? Well, here is your perfect chance of showing the world that you are one! It has pictures of human hybrids around the world. The site even claims that there are human hybrids among us that we don’t even notice!

10. Stupid Signs - Seen a erroneous signboard? Well, this site has tons of them! These infamous signs are added every Sunday for you to enjoy and have a good laugh!

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  1. amyoops Says:

    Hey check out mine

    i think its very funny

  2. BluSphere Says:

    can you prove me that you got many views? :)

  3. Sabin Moses Says:

    as of 4 july i have 1803 views..

  4. Lisa Says:

    I have been enjoying which I saw linked on Huffington this week.

    Some of the posting are really funny, some are sad – most are just cool views into other people’s lives.

    Guess that makes me a voyeur.

  5. Mike Says:

    My friend just told me about this site, it’s hilarious!

  6. Andy Wilmot Says: is my favourite website , it is hilariously funny and in apallingly bad taste . Hitler caused World War Two and The Holocaust and many funny comments are about these two historical events ………. Jews and Germans are very touchy about Holocaust jokes .

  7. zack Says:

    your leaving off one hilarious site,

  8. gunjan Says:

    i love this site which contain funny picture and video

  9. Andrew Says:

    I’ve spent far too much time on The Face Fits lately, great site.

  10. Hamlet Says:

    Nice List. These will Kill our Times.

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