Three Ways to Verify Your Paypal

Sun, Jul 4, 2010, by faidzinn

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Three ways to verify your paypal.

Paypal account we just created can not be used for withdrawals to our bank account, because it has not been verified (unverified). In addition, accounts that have not been verified yet can be used to shop at online stores. In essence, it has not been verified, all banking transactions via paypal to be very limited.

Then how do I verify our paypal account? There are three ways, as follows:

1. Difficult and expensive way
Paypal can be verified by entering numbers on a credit card. So what we need is a credit card first, then can be used for verification. As you probably already know, to make a credit card is not a fun activity. We must go back and forth to the bank, filling out applications, not to mention we have to fill out the credit card minimum balance that I believe could be up to par millions. But if you are rich and yes please just liked the challenge. Hehehe …:)

2. Free mode, but the long and difficult
This second way is by becoming an affiliate site friendship. From this site, eventually you will get a free credit card from payoneer. This method is free, but there tapinya loh. But first, after we list in, and enrolled in the affiliatenya we have to wait about 20 days so payoneer card arrived in our house. Very long right? But the second, this payoneer card, of course, empty, in the alias we do not have content. Whereas for the verification of the fare you have charged to the credit card. How to fill it is the commission that you get after successfully invite others to join the hard right

3. How to easy, cheap and not use longer
Last way is to use a Virtual Credit Card (VCC). What is VCC? VCC is the Credit Card, which serves to PayPal verified and have no physical form. Its main purpose is to protect credit card so that when doing transactions online, be protected from things that are not desirable or misuse of credit cards. VCC we can get vcc a trusted seller. there are many who provide cheap vcc, you just need to find through google.
Good luck….

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