The New Upcoming IPhone and Its Conveniences

Wed, Sep 19, 2012, by Karen Daniel

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IPhone is perhaps the latest and the finest phone that we have ever got.

It contains certain fabulous features in it. The appearance is also very attractive. One needs to get updated with the latest changes of iPhone.  The main features and applications are changing from day to day. This phone has uniqueness in it.

In this article we are going to discuss on several features on upcoming iPhone which will give a clear idea while having it. From this article one would also be able to know the reason behind buying an iPhone instead of other phones.

Cool Features of iPhones

 ·         Huge Storage Capacity :

This latest I phone has a huge storage capacity. Especially if you compare it to the earlier model of iPhone this has larger storage capacity. There is no doubt that our expectation increases with the invention of a new model. The previous iPhone has a storage capacity of only 512 MB and the new upcoming model offers the customers the double storage capacity in it. The customers will get benefitted with this fabulous facility.

 ·         Camera with Better Quality :

This iPhone provides the 2-8MP camera with this phone. The resolution would be better. The quality of the picture would be clearer from the previous phone. The previous iPhone offers the customers 5MP camera in it. So his camera has uniqueness with its camera.

So with the help of these two points we have discussed the two distinct features of the upcoming iPhone. We are going to discus more below.

 ·         Dual LED Flash :

This is another great feature of this iPhone. The pictures get brighter with the help of this dual LED flash.

 ·         A5 Dual Core Processor :

With the introduction of the previous iPhone we have already been introduced with the A4 dual core processor. We are eagerly waiting to get the A5 dual core processor from the upcoming iPhone. We have already got this facility with in the iPod.   Now we want to avail this same facility in the upcoming iPhone.

 ·         Fantabulous Appearance :

We are quite sure that this upcoming iPhone will present an awesome appearance. We would get a thicker phone rather than the previous one. It will have a larger screen of 4.3 inches. It is another good feature regarding this phone.

·         Face Detecting Technology :

This iPhone offers their customers with the face detecting facility. Nobody can be able to on your iPhone without your permission. You can use your face to unlock the phone

We have discussed some of the basic features regarding the iPhone which is about to come into the market. It has a completely different package in it such as huge storage capacity, face detecting facility and many others. If you are eagerly waiting to buy this iPhone after lunching then this article is going to be a great help for you. It contains some rare information regarding iPhone. So you must read this article carefully at first. 

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