The Negative Effects of Internet

Sun, Jul 6, 2008, by ryan subong

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The Internet is a great help in the workplace, education, entertainment, health care, and communication. It also strains the moral make-up of society.

Internet has become a big part of our life these days because of the many things that we can get from it from the latest news and research findings to self- expression. We also get to learn about the latest trends in our profession and instantly become fashion chic. It also updates us of our favorite basketball tea, and thespians. Truly, it becomes a great help in the workplace, education, entertainment, health care, and communication.

However, the Internet has also served as a venue for the infringement of copyright. Everyone has the access to information which makes it almost impossible to protect copyright. This for of piracy is really widespread on the web.

Aside from this, the proliferation of pornographic materials is undeniably one of the alarming things that has brought about by the Internet. It does not only corrupt the minds of the young people that are exposed to them but also it paves the way for the degradation of human dignity. It also strains the moral make up of society.

The Internet also alienates the person from his social self. While most think that talking to loved ones through the computer screens allows or offers the same satisfaction of social needs just like engaging in conversations personally, there really is a big difference between the virtual self and the social self. This could further lead to addiction which could hamper a person’s way of living and those who are directly in contact with him.

The Internet was intended to be used for military purposes. However, due to its versatility and applicability, we have it as how it is used today. It exists as our friend when used properly and our foe when misused.

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