The Most Interesting Websites You Probably Don’t Know About

Mon, Mar 9, 2009, by Cynthia Bewley

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Great websites just a click away.

It is hard to know what is good and what is bad on the internet, and it seems like everywhere you go there are popups and viruses. But the internet certainly isn’t all bad, and I’m here to tell you all about some of the best websites I have stumbled upon.

1. Oddee

This website contains information on all of the weird, and amazing things in the world. On the front page it says: “Welcome to Oddee. A blog with over 1 million readers a month, Oddee features the odd, bizarre and strange things of our world. Be amazed!”

2. Xkcd

For the intellectual reader with a sense of humor. It is “a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language”.

3. Beliefnet

A website that caters to the spiritual part of us all. This is a place where people can go to talk about religion and morality, learn about other religions, or just discover more about their own beliefs.


Tshirts for nerds.

5. CafePress

Every kind of tshirt that you can imagine. Something specific you have in mind? Look on this website, they probably have it.

6. Bored

Just as the name may suggest, it is a great place to go when you are bored. There are games, quizzes, jokes, videos, weird things and lots of other categories to search through to “burn your boredom”.

7. Hulu

A website that has free, watchable movies and television shows. Free! Some of the most recent movies they put up are Liar, Liar, Picture Perfect, Dragonheart and Species III. There are plenty more as well.


The cheapest place to buy textbooks. A college student’s dream.

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  1. Shawny Nevill Says:

    This is pretty much my articles exact headline.

  2. Eva Says:

    Lovely list, thanks!
    Here’s another website that’s recently started and has totally blown me away!

    A wonderful place dedicated to the arts and culture – namely music, literature, cinema, fine arts, photography and travel

    Perfect for culture and literary freaks like me.

  3. vipul Says:

    i saw
    its truely mind blowing site which has songs,games,movies,wwallpapers,softwares…..

  4. Elliot Says:

    But that’s your site, Vipul.

  5. Jake Says: has the funniest captions!

  6. kayla6581 Says:

    Movie site that counts how many people die in movies.


  7. Leonard Says:

    How about

    Site features 3d rotating Spheres that represent the main interests people pursue online.

  8. TravD Says:

    Here’s another one

    It’s about tourist attractions around the world.

  9. Phil Says:

    Check this one out:

    Crazy madness…

  10. sunmagnet Says:

    Check this out.This is really nice

  11. briandaed Says:

    This ones a good one.

  12. google search Says:

    great article.
    but also try good website with amazing subjects.

  13. ilahiler Says:

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