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Sat, Sep 22, 2012, by Ashe540

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In my opinion this is the best website hosting provider EVER!

Hello everyone. The intention of this article is to express how completely satisfied I am with my website hosting provider.  I have recently bought this service and I am happy to announce that it has been one of the most satisfying purchases I have made in a long time. 

First thing’s first. The name of the Hosting Provider:

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome…  


Let’s begin with the thing that worries the customer most: the price. If you have done any research, you know perfectly well that online web hosting is not exactly cheap at all. You also have to take into account that it’s not the same having one of the top best hosting providers and having some other small company offering you the service. You may find pretty good deals out there from other companies, but we’re trusting the security of the company, its experience and its popularity as well. We have to make sure that it’s secure and that we can trust it with our content. 

iPage does just that… and much more. A top of the line hosting provider is probably going to charge us a figure of around $7-$8 a month for a standard service. A standard service being:

  • Having 150 GB on space on their server.
  • A limited number of email accounts
  • A limited number of MySQL databases
  • etc…

This is a great deal. No doubt about it. But if you want to have unlimited space on your server, infinite email accounts, infinite databases… read on.

For a service with these characteristics the competition may go up to a $13-15 a month. You wan to to know what iPage offers?

First of all it has a single plan that is composed of the following:

  • Unlimited Disk Space, Bandwidth,  & Email Addresses
  • FREE Domain Registration (Standard domain’s can cost $17 a year to even $32)
  • FREE Security Suite
  • FREE Site Building Tools
  • FREE Online Store
  • FREE Google, Yahoo! & Facebook Marketing Credits (Over $450 worth of Ad Credits and other extras)
  • GREEN! Powered by 100% wind energy.

 A deal from the competition with similar characteristics may go up to a $13-15 a month. You want to to know what iPage offers?

And the whopping price you are expecting? $3,50 per month. Amazing isn’t it? You can do like I did. Pay for 3 entire years and you can pretty much forget about paying again in a long time. For approximately $100 you can have your site up and running, a FREE personal domain you can choose to use for your site and a bunch of other stuff. 

If you already have a contract with another company do not worry. iPage has a system for transferring domains and entire sites to their server absolutely free. No additional charge included.

Check out other reviews and you’ll see that I’m telling the truth. iPage is one of the highest ranked (if not the highest ranked in some pages) in website hosting as of late. I wouldn’t  miss a chance to get all these stuff for such a low price! 

The clock’s ticking! Go, go, go!

Here’s the site for more details: CLICK HERE


Disclosure: This is a proffesional review that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. We test each product thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

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  1. Mark Says:

    I’ll have to look into this as I’m growing tiresome of GoDaddy, the uptime is excellent but the customer service is apalling.

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