Ten Websites for Cheap Online Shopping!

Tue, Nov 13, 2007, by totmur

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A list of ten websites to ease your online shopping. Daily deals and cheap items.

  1. eBay

    Probably the best website for online shopping. With one of the biggest userbases for online auctions, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

  2. Woot!

    This website is my top favorite for deals.  Monthly they do a “Woot! Off” where they have a limited quantity of an item and then a new one once that depletes.  They have 1 item listed daily.  They also have another sub-site that lists user posted deals.  http://deals.woot.com

  3. Dealnews

    New deals added daily for computers, technology, gadgets, and other items.

  4. Fat Wallet

    Great homepage for quick deal finds, as well as a good message board userbase for even better deals.

  5. NewEgg

    My personal favorite for purchasing electronics. They have one of the largest selections of any electronic item you can think of. Good customer reviews on all items so you know what other people think of the item first. They also ship faster than any other site I have used.

  6. Deals Plus

    Fairly new website with a decent userbase. Users add in deals they find daily, and you can check them out. The website is completely free and easy to use.

  7. Amazon

    An amazing website to find almost anything you need. They always have good deals and cheap prices on most items. You can buy new or used items too.

  8. Overstock

    Overstock gives you their price, and the suggested retail price of the item being sold. Most items are very reasonably priced.

  9. Planet

    Search for the item you’re looking for, compare prices between various websites, buy the lowest priced item. Very easy to use.

  10. Yahoo Shopping

    Great website for finding most any item. New deals added daily to help you save money.

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  1. Scott Says:

    Awesome list, thanks!

  2. INDi Says:

    add 123deals.com 123deals.com

  3. Rojo Says:



    They are GROWING and prepared to compete with all the big boys…

  4. shoppingwizzard.com Says:

    Want Cheap?
    Try http://www.shoppingwizzard.com

  5. Sandra Says:

    I started selling for Amazon.com in February 2008. Everything went fine until they stopped paying me for my shipped merchandise. I canceled my merchant account and they still owe me over $400 for products that they sold for me. I stopped selling on Amazon.com in June 2008 and it’s August 31st and I’m still waiting for payment. In my opinion they are only able say they are a multi million dollar website because thats how much money they have stolen from the merchants selling on their web store.
    Terrible Business

  6. Meghan Says:


    Awesome ponchos and jewelry

  7. Laddy Says:

    Check out this site for the best prices. Also features the Quick Shopping List so you can make a list of items you want to buy then when you are ready to purchase an item just click on it to get the best price from several merchants.


  8. James Says:

    Nice list. I also use


  9. Tom Says:

    what happen to http://www.tycromedia.com i love that website

  10. Jen @ 123bargains Says:

    Great list. I like to shop at most of the sites mentioned also.

  11. brain Says:

    i need mobile phone and laptop that i want to buy if you have it get back me now with the mail below (brainplazaltd@yahoo.com)

  12. Leo Says:

    Thanks. Very useful list

  13. Jack Says:

    This is a good list but I like to find a list of unknown stores with great deals.

  14. Laila Says:

    This site compares the prices from store to store so that U always will find where it is the cheapest AND on top of that the give U a 5 % cash back on everthing U buy and alot of other benefits… I LOVE this site, I saved alot of money from shopping here.

    Enjoy :o ))


  15. SharifaMcFarlane Says:

    Some of these are new to me. Thanks.

  16. uche Says:

    2 Sandra

    so after cancelling your merchant account which store are using now?

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