Sweet PTR: Scam or Not?

Wed, Sep 2, 2009, by SarahFlan

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A new site has come into the PTR world and everyone is dying to know an answer to this question: Is it for real?

I was searching around the other day when I came across www.sweetptr.com and I thought the idea was great. I am trying to figure out if it is a scam or not so I tried looking on other sites to see if anyone else had some ideas. So far I have come across a bunch more people looking for the same answers as me on the site. A lot of new people have joined but no one knows for sure if it for real or not. I decided to keep trying it out until I reach the minimum payout so I can see for myself- I don’t mind wasting the time. All I do is click on emails anyways.
The thing that got me was no one has anything bad to say about this company right now which makes me a little happy. Sure, the payout rate is high, but if you really think about it, they send ruffly 9 emails a day to you, each worth $10. That’s $90 a day. Now if you have no referrals at all, like I plan to do, then you only make $630 a week. Most people make more than that on their regular jobs. So in order to meet the $5,000 payout, that would take you almost 2 months. $5,000 for 2 months of work isn’t very much, but it is worth it in a sense if you are just reading emails and they really do pay you. So I am going to try it out- I will post again on whether it works or not. So let’s just see 2 months from now…

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  1. Florin Says:

    It is a Scam
    I begin to make some money there ( virtual ones) so I decided to trust them, I payed 199 for the upgrade to a premium membership and the result was that from that moment almost two weeks ago they didn’t change my status from free member to premium so no access to the money and they never replayed to my emails. And I can tell you for sure that I’m not the only one in this situation because I was contacted by another person after posts on different web pages

  2. Greg Preston Says:

    Did you get your free computer?

  3. Florin Says:

    NO How can I get my free computer if they are not giving me the premium membership and they don’t answer to my email from opre than two weeks

  4. Daysi Says:

    omg, that’s for me a bad news. Is there anyone else that has the same problem?

  5. Alan Says:

    Anyone know anything on sites like grandptc, clicksia. I heard from many other people that cashmails.org was a scam bcoz no one got paid inspite iof some people reaching 75,000. the min was 20000

  6. MADGUY Says:

    I dont care about the premium thing, but do they pay the 5,000$
    for the people who reached it or no?

  7. Marcel Baars Says:

    what do you really think Madguy?
    $ 5000 just for clicking some emails?
    Every few years these guys trcome into the GPTR business, they make a few thousand dollars and from day to another their gone.

    Just try it for a few months for free, but never ever buy yourself a premium cause you won’t get any mony!

  8. Werner Bessinger Says:

    Well people, let’s just think about it for a minute here, shall we?

    Picture this if you will: some random dude goes to visit his best buddy one sunny Saturday in May, toting a six-pack of beer and a jumbo size packet of crisps. It just so happens that said buddy has completed some or other diploma in Web & Graphic Design but still hasn’t landed the perfect job – that, or he’s just a plain old loser who can come up with nothing more creative than busting the nuts of people like you and me.

    Long story short, Web Design buddy knows quite a bit about AdWords, pay-per-click and all the other saucy little advertising niches which infest the Internet nowadays. He knows that, to have any chance of making some cash on the Net using his newly acquired skill, he would have to design a site which would draw people to it like a bear to honey with as little effort as humanly possible and at the same time get them to click through some ads for an equal amount of effort. Hmmm… What to do, what to do!

    Whilst sitting on the deck with his buddy shooting the breeze and watching the sun go down, munching crisps and swilling lukewarm beer, it suddenly hits him like a bolt of lightning: why don’t we set up a website that “pays” people monopololy money to “read emails” and view ads, except we’re the ones actually getting paid because 100% of the sites that “advertise” through us are sites for which we are affiliates! Alright!!!

    Random Dude and Web Design guy ends up getting victoriously hammered the rest of the night, to begin that very next day the design and implementation of a virtually fool-proof scam which to the untrained eye looks like the best thing on planet earth. The rest of their days are filled with a laugh a minute at the people stupid enough to have paid to sign up to their site. End of story.

    Come on people! A little bit of common sense will always warn you about whether something is a scam or not. Granted, everyone has to start their money-making journey somewhere, but why fork out your hard earned cash if you’re not a 100% sure of the legitimacy of some program? You have the biggest research library on hand in the form of Google, so make use of it!

    Research, research and yet more research is the name of the game, whether you and I like it or not. There are no free lunhes my friends and a mentality like that will get you burnt every single time, mark my words. For those of you that want to find legitimate work-from-home opportunities, do yourself a favor and check out scamxposer.com.

    Best of luck and godspeed!


    Werner Bessinger
    South Africa – Where 1st world and 3rd world meets.

  9. Linda K Carlisle Says:

    I’m wondering with all of you. They did not answer the support ticket I send yesterday. If you want one that pays right away and $15 at a time, try this one. http://www.adflasher.net/?LKCGlobal. You have to work a little harder but at least you get paid in just minutes.

  10. J.A.Khan Says:

    HI,Just completed my $ 5000 on the site on free membership and let us see if they pay or not that is the question for sure.As for the reply I surely agree that in the last week I had sent several emails but did not get a reply for the single mail but yes indeed when I demanded to go to premium level or mebership using my money earned in my account which they declined and said I have to pay seperately that is waht makes me suspecious wether I will get paid or not.So no harm wasting time let us see if they pay as per their criteria.

  11. devendra Says:

    i also a free member, i reaches 8000$ but they don’t pay me

  12. ivana Says:

    when did you request your payment?

  13. sweetboy Says:

    scam………….. n its proved,.. dnt believe perfectptr , sweetptr… libertymails… promails… all sites belongs to same indiavidual…. they are making us fools.. they dnt pay a single cent….

  14. Lungisani Zungu Says:

    What do they mean about saying they pay you in 30 business days or more as a free member? eish im thinking to close my account now because they don’t pay you peolpe. What a waste of time for nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Werner Bessinger, thank you now i will see the scam websites

  15. zeeshan Says:

    sweet ptr is scam

    they son of bi**h
    they are playing with pple;s expectations and emotions,,,i too earned more than 5000
    but still there is a msg u can request payout when u reach to 5000……………….
    son of……………………

    pple beware of sweetptr……………..

    if u dnt believe me try it and waste ur time and money then tell me about result on my id too……….
    my id is

    again saying beware of sweet ptr it is totally scam By God

  16. Maria husain Says:

    Dear i also try Sweetptr last 4 months. they are basterd when i reach to its minimum level of payment. then sweetprt stop sending mail to my e-mail accounts. i wait for a month but still no mail. i was trying to e-mail contact but no responce. They are bastered and cheat people.

  17. Alfred Says:

    SWEETPTR is a Scam. I spent 3 months trying to reach payout. And It’s been another 2 months waiting for the money. THEY dont pay!!!!
    This site PAYS real money (you can google it…):

    First month I made only $5. But last month I received $50. And it is real MONEY. And they pay good for referrals too.

  18. Mike Says:

    I’ve reached more than $5000 and when trying to “Request Payout” it returns the message “You may request payment after you have earned $5,000.00.” but currently I have “Total Cash Balance: $ 5,038.5000″…

    I’m thinking it is SCAM…. have sent 2 messages to contact area, one today and another one month ago, and did not receive ANY RESPONSE…

    If anybody has the same situation please send me a message… for those that already paid the upgrade to gold account, I’d be worried about my money…

  19. christopher Says:

    thanks guys for the heads up.does anybody know which ones actually work?

  20. Alfonsocer Says:

    I Have the same problem, i had erarned 5.600$ and i can´t request my payout, i wrote 3 mails, and haven´t any response yet.


  21. Chloe Says:

    it is a scam!
    i reached the minimum payout and i want to request payout also not way to click on. really waste time!!
    i sent several mails too but no reply from them!

  22. cheryl Says:

    just achieved request payout. by the sounds of it looks like I won’t be seeing any of it either

  23. Jwhomer Says:

    I to have been doing this now and also reached the payout ammount But still have not herd from them. I think that someone should do something about this. They prey on folks that are trying to make ends meet. they lead you on to think that if you keep this up you will earn a nice some of money. Now i have been doing hits4pay and they do pay out. I do not make a lot of money but I have been able to make 35 to 40 bucks a month but I will not not every month. I am disabled so makeing money on line is the only way i can earn money.If anybody out there no of a better way please let me no.

  24. vladimir Says:

    I also participated in: sweet ptr; paying ptr; perfect ptr; cashmailz.com; diamond ptr; instant ptr; boodaq.com; aglocomails; afferinte.com; ptr business; jacmails.com; instant ptr and ptr sites, but all proved to be a fraud and not paying!!

  25. vladimir Says:

    Do you have data; ptc Wallet; easycash.ptc; big money; grand ptc-fraud or not?

  26. Oudjoe Says:

    Hi everyone,

    It would seem that nobody is alone searching for their “earnings”. If you have a look on the website, Sweetptr states “21 822 members and $ 369 940 in payouts”. This work out to an average of $16,95 per member. Anyone still believe we will ever see money from them.

    Maybe it is time to find a good lawyer and start proscecuting scammers?

  27. Oudjoe Says:

    Hi everyone,

    It would seem that nobody is alone searching for their \”earnings\”. If you have a look on the website, Sweetptr states \”21 822 members and $ 369 940 in payouts\”. This work out to an average of $16,95 per member. Anyone still believe we will ever see money from them.

    Maybe it is time to find a good lawyer and start proscecuting scammers?

  28. Hassan Says:

    Thanx guys for exposing this scamers I was about to sing up in sweetPtr.com but I completely changed my mind now..

    I’ll try the other 2 sites Thanx again ..

  29. bongiwe Says:

    Im also about to reach the payout point bt after reading all your comments I quit. Jst to think about all my time wasted here gives me a headache…

  30. J.A.Khan Says:

    Guys I have crossed $ 12000 and practically stoped clicking mails now but get earnings from down line reference.They do not reply and sometimes out of blue moon I get a mail that I will be legible for payment after 30 working days but though I have crossed 60 days now no sight of the payment nor any proper reply.I think they have a standard format for replying which they send across to all members.As for me I have not received a single penny.

  31. robyn Says:

    Hi Same here. Ditto Ditto
    Reached payout. No redemption button. No reply to emails
    I did not upgrade Thank God and dont intend to
    I am sending them emails nearly everyday
    Wish I had some other way of contacting them
    You can only get their phone number if you upgrade. Oh the priviledged. H A HA

  32. paul Says:

    They are bastered and cheat people.

  33. Brenda Says:

    I have reached payout as I have earned over $8000. I also sent emails to them and the only thing I got was a paid email that said the payout request button was for those who upgraded and they know when us free ones hit minumum payout. It has been 30 days today and I have not seen any money but I still get paid emails from them. Has anyone ever gotten paid from them? Please email us with info. Thanks

  34. elizeaify Says:

    hahaha… yeah this is true..
    a big scam so don’t join this site..

    if you’re looking for a legit site visit the link below


    hre you can find some PTC sites that already paid lot of members

  35. Mrs Thompson Says:

    I reached my 30 days waiting on the 13th of this month and of course, no money. So what legal proceedings can we take? What type of an attorney would pick up a large case like this? Please email me if you have info! Thanks

  36. Cristal Says:

    If anyone is interested in finding out about a real business where you can create wealth online then contact me and I will give you more detaills.

    My email address is: legrand_cristal@hotmail.com

  37. redzuan Says:

    hi… i also have a same problem like you all.
    my earning now is 6175.00. but can`t payout our earning..
    same like http://richptr.net. from this site, i have earning around 28000.00 also can`t withraw…

  38. Jayantha Says:

    I have read lot of letters and I came to know lot of things about ptr and ptc business .Thanx a lot

    I also sign up in lot of above mentioned ptrs But I also didn’t recieve even a penny though I reached higher than payment line.

    What about richestmail.net?


  39. NEWBIE Says:

    if you want free online business info visit my blog ya, ..

  40. Ankit Says:

    sweetptr is a big spam…….i also reached $5000 but they never paid..i am a free member….their automatic mailer always sends this email around 3-4 times a month……

    “Hi we are receiving a lot of emails “Hi i reach a payout but my button doesn’t work etc.”
    That button is available ony for Premium Members.
    If you reach a payout our script will record your username and date (day when you reach payout) to our database and then you need to wait 30 business days for payment.
    If you want payout instantly your earnings DONT wait 30 bussines days for payout – JOIN to Premium Members and withdraw your earnings instantly within few seconds!

    and now they are sending this…………

    “Hello, we changed domain name to new one, the old domain will be no longer used.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.”

    i dont know why these kinds of websites dont get sued???never join this site……..they will give u only spam emails…

  41. Ron Adalid Says:

    I joined sweetptr.com last january. But until now nothing happens to my earnings. they said in there rules that i need to up grade to premium membership. I ask a lot of thing to them via email. But i received nothing from them… So i stop i already have $17,000.00++ but i can’t get any thing from them. Don’t try it! You will be disappointed!

  42. ePidmC Says:

    I was once a member too. its a scam if you wanna make money at a steady pace http://www.cashium.net/?rid=ePidmC add me as a ref. The site has payment proofs and all :) goodluck :)

  43. ghdfans Says:

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  44. frankz Says:

    saya jadi malas main ptr hampir semuanya scam!!

  45. frankie effendi Says:

    Sweet ptr is a BIG SCAM!! you must careful for they group PAYABLE PTR,PROMAILS.ORG,MAILSMONEY,TRUSTEEptr,CASHQUALITYnet. I hope you dont take it, they are BIG SCAM for free member or gold member.

  46. John Hamilton Says:

    Yes, I’m afraid all the ptr sites are scams, no doubt about it. I paid the up grade to Daily.Mails, they said it would take 3-7 business days to up grade me, at the 7 day point, they sent me an email saying that my account is now up graded, but when I checked and that was several days ago, and today it still hasn’t been up graded, I’v sent several messages but no reply. Silly me also up graded to sweertptr, which said a maximum of 24 hours to up grade, well it been 4 days now, no up grade no response to my messages, so we have been had my friends, as I have paid through paypal I will see if I can dispute the payments via them. I have found another site that I think is genuine as you only get cents for clicking, it’s free to join and inside there are quite a few programs that pay you cents for clicking on emails. here is the link


  47. peter Says:

    it is based in huston texas. according to one site that monitors sites. this one has a revenue of $15.00 /day.total value of $11.000

  48. olonono Says:

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  49. dorene Says:

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  50. Martin Alness Says:

    We upgraded at pro-mails and have waited a week now…sent many emails to them and no response. They will not reply to any of our messages so today I filed a dispute with PayPal and I sent pro-mails another message telling them I did. I also told them I will take it as far as I can…….for theft, fraud and whatever else I can. I needed this money desperately to put my mother in an alzheimers unit and I feel degraded, hurt, betrayed. To prey on people who do things in good faith is outrageous….and to steal from them when they need the money is beyond outrageous! I will update again if I find anything out to let everyone know…I joined a lot of these places…but only upgraded with pro-mails…thank God for small favors…I need and want my money back so will pray it happens….

  51. Tony Says:

    Well, i just joined instantpaid.com and geniusptr.com as a free member. i actually got support from Instantpaid claiming that the money is real and so forth..

    I came back at them saying look.. in order for me to upgrade deposit half of my earnings into my paypal account and than i will upgrade.

    I want to make sure this website is not a scam..

    So i sent that yesterday and haven’t heard back..

    I guess the member count and payouts are all fake to..

    Oh, the admin also said that the laptop will arrive by DHL..



  52. Tony Says:

    Its funny because people like us are still joining these sites.. On geniusptr the meber count has gone up by like 30 in two days and payouts are up 200k plus..

    The payout screens has todays date on it as well..


  53. Matt Harris Says:

    hey I am a member of ProMails, Globalcashptr, Alertpayments, Mailcash24, Paidptr, intantpaid, and Ptrpay. The only one that I uptgraded to was Mailcash24. No replies to my emails and I even found out the owners email and still no reply. All 7 sites total owe me over $50,000 as of today. LETS GET TOGETHER AND SUE THEIR ASSES!!!!!!!!!!!
    contact me at suckeggmule69@gmail.com

  54. K Kinney Says:

    I am glad I found you all. I was close to joining and would have actually upgraded. I am in the process of putting together a list of things that really pay and DO NOT cost a dime to join. I will release them as they prove they pay of course. For now I would welcome the visits to my blog and I am also listing really good freebies there as I actually see them delivered. Oh, I did list one shopping thing but it can be worked on the “too inexpensive to be real but is” consideration. Anyone who can work as hard as you all have should get something for it. And people who rip us off should get what they deserve as well. http://downtothepenny.wordpress.com Come say hello.

  55. Simon Says:

    Thank you for all your comments, all 54 posters above. I knew it had to be a scam, and reading all your responses made it clear that all the payable PTRs are a waste of time.

    It’s quite difficult to find information on this also, don’t know how they managed to hide all the negative publicity. Obviously there are some smart people involved.

    Always remember, if it appears too good to be true… then it isn’t true!

  56. melphens Says:

    For me, my no.1 bet is neobux
    neobux is still the best legit ptc on the web.. 4 to 6 clicks /day
    with a nice forum and a friendly community to ask for help.
    Please join under me guys! much appreciate it, thanks


  57. nextstopjupiter Says:

    sweetptr is a scam. You can find it on this list

    PTC Investigations http://ptc-investigation.com/ScamList.aspx

  58. romio Says:

    hello guys,
    i want to ask if anyone of you get paid from the PTR sites or not ??
    thank you all.

  59. hyipben Says:

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    I will help you make money quickly from the PTR-PTC site.
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