Swagbuck Millionaire: What is The Deal with Swagbucks?

Sat, Jul 10, 2010, by BradONeill

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Can you really win prizes and giftcards simply for clicking a search engine? This author was skeptical at first but he discovered that not only was it easy and fun but he didn’t have to take any annoying surveys!

Swag buck millionaire

So you stumbled across this little site called swagbucks.com and after glancing over the playstation3’s for 54,150 Swagbucks, the tom tom gps for 28,999 Swag bucks,  and that Justin Beiber poster for 1399 swagbucks you always wanted, you are wondering if this Swagbucks site is legitimate or if it is just another one of those endless survey sites where at the end you are rewarded with some fantastical prize if you not only manage to navigate the impossible maze but you also make a purchase of either hair implants or apply for a credit card with a 29.9999% interest rate and a monthly fee of 100 dollars.  Well let me state unequivocally that I have no freaking idea if this thing is a scam.   But what I can tell you is the site is lots of fun and you earn these swag bucks for doing what you are going to be doing any way and that is surfing the net. 

Through my countless hours of research (ok close to 15 if you count the time I spent mindlessly searching trying to get points.)   I have learned that any prizes you order are mailed to you postage free.  I have also learned that some people in the world actually have received prizes, some of them were quite impressive like the aforementioned playstation 3.  I know this because I actually sat through a video where some kid opened his package from swag bucks.  There are some scams on youtube where people promise you 500 swag bucks if you open your account with them.  I can tell you that whatever promotion swag bucks is offering will be available to you from the link on this page and it will be the same as the promotion you would get from them.  At the time of this article anyone who joins will receive some points but it probably won’t be 500. 

Ok let me take a moment and discuss how you get points.  The number one way people get points is through the Google based Swagbuck search engine.  You can also receive points for doing charity work, turning in old cell phones or video games (they even pay the postage), joining a swapping site where members trade goods merely for the cost of postage, and of course taking surveys. (I have not tried the surveys and probably never will as I am still bitter at the last survey site I tried.)

The search engine only returns between 3 and 4 pages of results but they are fairly good results.  The one issue people have is their system does not put all the sponsored links at the top.  Instead it mixes them by relevance so if a paid link is judged most relevant it is first on the list if it isn’t so relevant you may run into it 4 or 5 links down on the third page.  Some people are greatly offended by the fact that people who pay to be seen by you are seen by you when you search a free site.  Too me this is a non issue if I am searching for pizza and Domino’s happens to have paid so that I can find them when I search for pizza in Tucson that is great.  The same would be true for car dealerships or chiropractors so I really don’t get bent out of shape over this.

You don’t get a swagbuck for every search in fact in my experience I typically win between 1 and 11 swag bucks 3 or 4 times a day (you can win much more).  And this holds true whether I only do a few searches over the day or if I sit there and randomly search out everything that comes to mind in an 8 hour self imposed Swagbuck marathon attempting to suck out as many points as possible.  I have come to the conclusion that they are only going to let you win a certain amount of times in any 24 hour period, but I am not sure on the exact criteria.  Let me just say that I won as much on Thursday with about 25 searches total as I did on Saturday with about 800 searches.

You also get a point every so often simply because you have the swag buck toolbar running when you start your explorer or firefox. 

They have polls that pay you a point simply for your opinion on a single question. 

They are on twitter and facebook, and have scavenger hunt type activities where you can find bonus codes that will give you some points.

But the best way to rack up points is if you are actually looking to buy something on the net.  For instance if you are  going to subscribe to Direct tv you might as well get the 12,750 points you get for subscribing through Swagbucks.  I found a special on Thompson cigars that not only got me a great price on some cigars but padded my account with an extra 570 swag bucks.  Do you shop on overstock.com you might as well get the 2 swag bucks per dollar you spend while there.  There are tons of merchants that have various swagbuck programs.

Another thing is you don’t need an insane amount of swagbucks to actually buy something.  You can buy a 5 dollar gift card to amazon.com for a mere 450 swag bucks.  You can get a 10 dollar Starbucks card for 1300 swag bucks.   You can get a year subscription to maxim magazine for 699 swag dollars.  I am fairly certain that the average person could sustain a magazine subscription indefinitely just through casual internet use. 

At the beginning of this article I said swag bucks were fun and now I am going to tell you why I think it is so fun.  This site has hundreds of mini swagstakes or drawings that you can buy into with your Swagbucks.  If you only have 12 Swagbucks you could enter to win a 100 dollar gift card from target.  Or if you only had 1 Swagbuck you could enter to win 25 Swagbucks.  If you had 50 Swagbucks you could enter to win a Playstation 3 and still have enough left over to enter for a chance at winning a 1000 Swagbucks.  The contests are small some of them have as few as 66 entries others have lots of entries it just depends on how big a roll of the dice you are wanting to take. 

The bottom line is you aren’t going to get rich with Swagbucks but if you’re a casual user you might pull a cup of premium coffee every so often with it.  If you are a hog wild internet junkie who dedicates your life to the pursuit of Swagbucks you could end up with an ipod or surround sound system or something just a little bit cooler than you have now.  You might even be able to take that 50 dollar southwest airlines gift card and fly to San Diego for the weekend.

The following link will sign you up for Swagbucks as a referral from me.  I hope you have as much fun with it as I have, maybe we can meet on the beach someday and discuss our Swag buck wealth secrets.

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  1. Brenda Nelson Says:

    but.. but.. I love taking surveys…

    I havent signed up for this swagbucks site but thanks for the info on it.

  2. Belle Dob Says:

    An informative article. Sounds like an awful lot of work though, think I will pass but you enjoy yourself :-)

  3. drelayaraja Says:

    Wonderful information :) let me check it out.

  4. Linvio Says:

    this is interesting… will have it checked for myself..

  5. Rohit19 Says:

    That’s some hardwork…
    Great job Brad. Hope a great no. of people will get an idea through this whether they should believe in Swags

  6. Duff D Moss Says:

    Pity they don’t have runescape subscriptions to buy and get those little bastards off of Triond :-)

    There were a heap of these kind of thing at the apex of the dot.com bubble – they all died. Interesting that there seems to be some sustainability in the concept now.

    Good luck brother – I hope you do make a swagmillion

  7. Carolyn Cordon Says:

    Thanks for telling us about your experience with Swagbucks. My family think I spend more time on the internet already, so I’ll probably give it a miss. Good luck to you with it though!

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