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Sat, Oct 23, 2010, by risi

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This article list two most trusted and best ptc sites in India.

Ptc Sites In India – It is one of the most trusted ptc site in India .In this site you can earn money by clicking ads and reading emails. Generally you will get around 120 to 180 ads to click without requiring any premium account. The signing up process is free and easy and once your email is verified you will receive ” money emails “. This are emails sent by different advertisers to you and once you open it you will get paid. You will also receive sign up offers to signup for different sites. The best thing about paidtoclick is it’s minimum payout which is just $0.02 for paypal and $1 for alertpay users. Though this site is not here to make you rich but it can make you quick and easy money . So don’t wait join today .

Viewbestads- This is not an ptc site but more or less like that . You have to view ads for a specific amount of time to get paid and they don’t pay you through paypal or alertpay . They will send you a check once you fulfill their minimum payout. In this site you will get points {one point = one rupee } for taking quizzes , reading news and viewing ads. You will also get a bonus at the end of the month if you meet certain criteria. In Indian currency you can earn anything between Rs 800 to Rs 1,200 every month . So if you are looking for making money online in India then this can be a convenient option .

Neobux – Neobux is not an Indian ptc site but it is for everyone . It is the king of all ptc sites and if you want to make money through ptc sites then joining neobux is a must  neobux.It has a great referral program through which you can multiply your earnings , you can also upgrade your account to get more ads and earn more money . So as a whole neobux is a good site and a good way to make few money .

So Work hard and good luck !

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