Positive and Negative Impact of The Internet for Teens

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Positive and Negative Impact of the Internet for Teens.

Positive and Negative Impact of the Internet for Teens

Theme this time is about what is good and bad effects of his use of the Internet for adolescents. For that, let us consider only to the people statement. : D

The computer is one of the highly sophisticated electronic media. In the program there is a computer with internet. Because of the internet program, the computer can be operated to surf. In fact almost everyone is using computers as a means of operating the internet program.

Internet is also no less sophisticated as the ingredients themselves. Lately it internet that more developed. Millions of people use the internet for a variety of needs, from personal, organizational, up for official use, as it is considered the Internet is more practical. In our beloved country have started many schools who use the Internet as an important tool in the learning activities. With the increasing number of internet users especially in the use of World Wide Web and e-mail, they are increasingly integrated with sophisticated programs. For them the internet be part of his life, as they get along with their clothes.

Many of the benefits they get from the internet, especially in the communication process and extracting information, but not a few who abuse the use of the internet. Not a few teenagers who morally depraved, lazy learning because almost all their time partying over the internet. The more teenagers or students who without shame or fear of open porn sites. They all always deliver a variety of reasons when asked. For example, they all have a high curiosity and curiosity to try. In addition they are also affected by the-talk of the adults. All of those things are bad for them all as well as other people who are close to them. They were only briefly seen these things will continue to watch porn because they are addictive. Soon they will change the nature of the worse and they will all be involved in promiscuity. And for those who are around people who are involved with it will lose anyway. They will be worried or feel uneasy in the presence of people who are virtuous character bad as it was near them. So that their lives are not quiet because neighboring depraved people.

Behind all the adverse effects arising from the internet, as well as many positive impacts caused internet media. For example, as a source of information, communication media, e-commerce, media promotions, replenishment and query data.
Internet as a source of digging infomasi

Through the internet, we can access global infomasi, both at international organizations such as FAO, USDA, national institutions such as the IMF and the BPS, LIPI and the University. Perhaps the information that is provided by the companies of international, national, and local levels containing their products.
Internet as a communication medium

Through internet communication can be established between individuals and between organizations with facilities like e-mail, fax, chat and teleconference.
Internet as e-commerce

Trading through the Internet into a global trend. Many new companies come up with an internet-based. Amazon.com company engaged in selling books online is also known as a virtual bookstore is one example of the emerging companies that successfully market their products through the internet.
The Internet is a means of promotion.

Internet helps a region in order to conduct the promotion of local potential well to potential investors and companies who will buy products from other companies.

Many benefits can be taken from the internet. But it all depends on the people or companies who use the internet. When the internet was abused in use, then there will be unintended negative impacts.
According to the data I get, teens and youth in China, the Internet can broaden horizons and increase knowledge umu them all. But like in our country, any information that is obscene or not a good place there. It was also a negative impact on them as it can affect the development of their behavior. But it was too late because not much different in ngara us that some of them get lost in the fantasy world of the Internet.

    Internet is inseparable from our daily lives. Therefore, do not make it as a boomerang disobedience internet for us, but the internet make it as a benefit in it.

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