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Thu, May 21, 2009, by deagenes

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About pop-up scams.


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Do you get those pop-ups that say you can work from home? well most of those are scams that just want your credit card. They ask for one dollar shipping and you pay the one dollar or other dollar amount. those dollars do add up for them. When they get your card number they could run it and input Any dollar n. some of their transactions are hard to trace. they could use a card reader through somebody Else’s business. The business they use could be legit. So you may want to be careful to those kind of things. Also another possibility could happen is that where you’re sending the money maybe a fake international company when you try to trace them they may just try to disappear over night. These are possibilities. I’m not saying its the truth but they are ways that it can happen. There are criminals everywhere out there.

    So be careful where you import your creditcard-number to. It maybe one of those scams. The undetermined amount of money they take out maybe the money you need to survive in this dangerous economy.

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