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Mon, Oct 12, 2009, by webseowriters

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There are thousands of internet clubs in Pakistan and India that are publicly opens for everyone both for girls and boys to use at low cost.

These Internet café are using to access Internet when you are out of home or office to do online transactions, video chat, emails are any other private purposes. These Internet clubs are containing several wood or glass cabins, where users can access Internet connection without any disturbance and noise.

Mostly young students of schools and colleges are the users of these cafes. Mature persons using these clubs very rarely. Each cabin of Internet club having a space of at least two persons, so some times couples is also using these cabins to sit there in a private and secure environment. But some couples are using these Internet café cabins for some other purposes like dating and meetings.

A few years back a net café owner in Pakistan releases a series of hidden video clips of these couples who were using these private cabins or dating purpose. He also used these video clips for blackmailing to these couples. Later these hidden clips were distributed over the Internet and for mobile clips as mobile mms clips.

Same in India many net café owners are releasing these private videos on the Internet and these videos are become a large source of entertainment for Desi users of Pakistan and India. I personally don’t like such kind of stuff at all.

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  1. Ruby Hawk Says:

    Well, I wouldn’t like it either. That’s a horrible thing to do.Why not just open up these cubicles and there would be no problem. Our libraries have tables and chairs with lines of computers that are in use all the time. Nobody has complaints.

  2. Daisy Peasblossom Says:

    Seems like there’s always someone hoping to exploit anything that is good.

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  4. Justice Vikram Sharma Says:

    Sex is a biological need and one must not be ashamed of it. Unfortunately in case of India and Pakistan it is considered as a stigma on human\’s character if he/she commits it without proper relation (husband and wife). According to my raw opinion there is no harm if adult man and woman willingly go for sex to fulfill their \”need\”. Every one should have right to live. If any person forces other to do sex then that person is really a culprit and that person is also a culprit who discloses the private deeds of people publically, as has been done by some owners of netcafe. I strongly condemn those people who have violated the rules of privacy and hereby grant them life imprisonment for years 25.

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