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Fri, Jul 16, 2010, by Sunflowers

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The sites well known slogan pretty much explains the concept – You get paired up with a random stranger and is allowed to chat to them in a 1-on-1 chatroom.
An interesting experience, or a gathering place for trolls and perverts? was first launched in 2009, and received loads of visits from the very beginning. The idea of an anonymous chat-room which requires no registration did at first sound completely crazy to me, being used to having to sign up with my e-mail for every darn site I’m visiting. But it was true, has no form of registration, an option with both pros and cons. The pros including a larger visiting trend and easier access, and the cons being the very same thing. Easy access means there might be loads of interesting persons to meet and speak to, but it also means it will gather people advertising, trolls and people acting perverted or just rude.

I personally think that anybody to talk to could be an interesting chat, a civilized conversation or not, but some might disagree with me here. That’s up for you to decide what you think. It is however an easy thing to just click the large “disconnect” button when you feel you are done talking to someone. Do remember, that once you click that disconnect button, there is absolutely NO way to contact this person ever again, and finding them again on Omegle will be like looking for a specific grain of sand at the beach. Omegle has approximately between 6000 and 9000 users online, so the chance of getting paired up with the very same person again is almost impossible. (It has actually happened to me once). Leaving out personal information on the site is not prohibited, but if you’re unsure of your Internet privacy I would not recommend you not to do so, especially if you are a minor. Chatting with a random stranger means the other person IS a stranger, no matter what they give themselves out to be, and a stranger is a person I’d say you should not immediately trust. If someone insists on knowing things about you, maybe you should consider what this person could be out after. A possibility to stay in contact with someone you like on-line is anonymous e-mails, but only if they remain just that, anonymous.

In general, is an decent site if you’re looking for all kinds of interesting people to meet. If you behave and know how to protect your privacy online, it can be a really amusing time-killer.

Omegle Video chat

As the site worked successfully, a video function was added, allowing you to chat to another user using web cams, still without any registration needed and completely anonymous. After trying this part of the website out, I must say that it actually in most cases was less interesting than the text-chat only. Most people disconnected immediately as they saw me, turned up half naked or a combination of these two. I did stumble upon one interesting chat partner though, and for those who prefer this it’s not hopeless finding anyone talking too, even though it might take some time getting to them.

Some Do’s and Don’t’s over Omegle

Remember to always act friendly to people on-line, as you would face them in the real world. We get to hear this a lot, because it’s actually true. A common mistake we still do anonymously is that we look away from the consequences we might cause for the counterpart, just because we might not immediately see it. But not even the powerful Internet can break Newton’s first law, and you WILL eventually affect the person you speak to, even if they take you seriously or not. So remember, just act as you would do to any other person, and you’ll do just fine. It’s all a matter of treating others as you would like to be treated.

Don’t click links sent from people advertising to you over Omegle, or people claiming they are linking you to “hot images of them” or anything like it. This is in most cases either leading you to weird websites or viruses. Even if the sender is not claiming anything weird with their links, you should always be careful on what you follow.

Don’t use the video feature unless you know exactly what you are heading into. Bare in mind that the other person could turn out showing you pretty much anything over their camera, including inappropriate content, or that they could be recording you and putting out the images anywhere on the web. As with many things on-line, be cautious!

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  1. hosariwi Says:

    Very interesting! I never knew such a thing existed. I, however, would not subscribe to it. I know it could be exciting. However, you never know whom you could meet. You might meet a very unpleasant, or rude person.

  2. Gene Says:

    Great! This talk to strangers.With smileys.Try it.

  3. kuraf Says:

    i am m i love girls or sex

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