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Sun, Apr 19, 2009, by The Conqueror 21

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Why we should read news on the newspaper instead of reading news on the Internet.

I do not like reading! Reading is so boring and reading is very tiring! I am gladly to discuss the importance of reading newspaper; the advantages, newspaper as one of teaching tool in the classroom and lastly would be the disadvantages of using online newspaper.

Do you know that reading gives a lot of advantages that we never encounter? Do you realize and think about the advantages reading can give you, despite all the common advantages that you have heard about reading. We always bump into the same kind advantages of reading which are, expanding vocabulary, improving reading comprehension skills and also sentence structure but do you know any other advantages of reading?

Now we shall focus on the advantages of reading for the first phase of my speech. Well, one of the interesting advantages of reading is that it can keep your mind active and engaged well into old age. People who love reading can keep their mind active and strong although they are old compared to the young generations who are much more fresh and energetic. Besides that reading a good story can help you forget some of the problems in your own life. It is because when we read, we can imagine going somewhere else at anytime that we like and no one has to help us doing it. That is the fun and interesting thing that we can do when we are reading.

Next we shall move on to the third advantages of reading. The habit of reading is actually a good example that we can pass on to the younger generations. Although today’s world is being occupied with several kinds of technologies in gaining information and knowledge, but still reading is very crucial. Everyone needs to read and developing good reading skills does not only mean that you can read a novel or non-fiction book or magazines but you also need to read newspaper. So based on the above reasons, I really, really persuade you all to love reading. Reading is not a burden where as it is a journey to your dream destination.

In addition, reading newspaper really gives a lot of advantages to the readers. We are now focusing on the second element that is using newspapers as one of the teaching tools in the classroom. There are many utilities of reading newspaper yet people keep on neglecting it as one of the choices and strategies in gaining information, knowledge and also in learning especially in educational settings. Do you know that newspaper also helps students learned better in the classroom? Students learn when they get interested in specific topic that related to their daily lives. In a growing number of classrooms, newspapers are providing some of the best motivational and timely resources. With today’s emphasis on resource-based teaching, teachers at all levels in classroom all around the world are using newspapers to compliment textbooks and provide supplementary and relevant resources in reading, writing, math, science and other subjects.

Furthermore, using newspaper’s articles, editorials and advertising, students are actually applying literacy and numeric skills and at the same time appreciating the importance of studying history and current affairs. After being informed about the benefits using the newspaper in classroom in gaining information and knowledge, I am here once gain to persuade all of you to read newspaper on the exactly printed newspaper not on the internet. Besides that, do you know that there is a researched being conducted stating that students who read newspaper in classroom scores higher in comprehension tests and develop stronger critical thinking skills, than those who did not. So by now, keep on buying the local newspapers and score for your tests and perform better in your studies.

Before we look further down on several subtopics and headings, we shall now listen to the third point of my speech which is reading newspaper helps teaching awareness and citizenship. Using newspapers in classroom can help students develop sensitivity and awareness of self, community, the nation and the world. It is because reading the exact printed newspaper will bridge the gap between general academic subjects and the real world. Students who enjoy reading newspaper are more likely is readers as adult. Adult newspaper readers are more likely to be involved in the community and aware of the world. Our students today will be our citizens, employees, business professionals and community leaders of tomorrow. That is why reading news on the newspapers is much more beneficial than reading news on the internet. Reading news on the internet is different from reading news on the printed newspaper. It is because on the internet, they only published selected news that has been summarized and much shorter than the exact news on the printed newspaper. For those who read news on the internet, slightly missing some piece of information. That is why I am here to persuade all of you to read news on the newspaper instead reading news on the internet.

We are now entering the last point of my speech that is the disadvantages of reading news using the internet. First reason is that news on the internet is unplanned and transcient. The news on the internet is unplanned because the content of the news that is being published on the internet is based on what is popular and profitable. This given wrong information to the readers as readers should be occupied with relevant news and important matters that happen in the country as well as in the world. By providing news that is based on the popularity and can make profit from the news will only lead to disaster as the readers are not being alert with latest information that is precious. Moreover, news on the internet is transcient where if the web address is change, the sites that providing the news also disappear. So this actually bring problems to the readers as they need to read the news in fast, efficient and simple ways but then technology also can cause more complex problem than the traditional ways.

Apart from that, reading news on the internet also brings disadvantages where there is no standard in providing news compared to news that is published on the newspaper. It is because when news was being published on the internet, there is no time to check for the accuracy of the information. On the other hand, there are limited archives on the internet in providing news. Only current information and selected news from the newspapers are available online. When readers reading news online, they are actually getting the current information but not the whole stories that happened on that day that actually being published fully on the printed newspaper. Here once again, I persuade all of you to stop reading news on the internet. Buy more local newspaper to keep in touch with the community and the world.

In conclusion, I have delivered all the reasons and points why we should read news on the newspaper instead of reading news on the internet. Hopefully after being listening to my speech, I hope that all of you realized that reading newspaper is fun, keeps you in touch with the community and newspaper as one of the best tool in teaching students in the classroom. So starting from now on, stop reading news on the internet and start buying local newspapers.

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  1. NoEnglishProfessorBut Says:

    Consider writing articles that are grammatically correct. I didn’t even make it through the first paragraph. . .maybe get an editor!

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  3. Newspaper owner Says:

    The writing is a little amateurish, but I enjoyed it and it was very useful for an article I am writing also. Keep writing, I like your spirit!

  4. khmer news Says:

    I rarely read newspapers while i was in university. after graduating and working, I really know that reading is very important because we can gain new knowledge and increase our awareness as well. now, i am addicted to reading newspapers and online news almost every day.

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