Negative and Positive Side of Global Internet World

Fri, Jan 13, 2012, by Syoer Oto

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Negative and Positive Side of Global Internet World.


Information Technology and Telecommunications (Information and Communication Technology/ICT) are the backbone of Web 2.0 applications. Development of Information and Communications Technology and became a phenomenal early emergence of the web application is the Internet. Internet which originated from research to defense and security and education support tool developed into a business that is very influential. In connection with this Web 2.0 applications, there are some important events in the history of the internet.

Starting in 1957, through the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), the United States was determined to develop an integrated communications network that connects between the scientific community and military purposes. This is motivated by the cold war between the United States with the Soviet Union (in 1957 the Soviets launched sputnik).

The first major development of the Internet is the most important invention of packet switching ARPA in 1960.

Packet switching is sending a message that can be broken down into smaller packages, each package can be through a variety of alternative pathways damaged if one of the main pathways to achieve the intended purpose. Packet switching also allows the network can be used simultaneously to do a lot of connections, in contrast to telephone lines that require dedicated lines to connect. So when the ARPANET into national computer network in the United States in 1969, packet switching is used as a whole as a method of communication to replace circuit switching used on public telephone lines.

The development of the Internet both recorded in the history of the internet is the development of a network layer protocol known as the most widely used today is TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol).

A protocol is a set of rules to related a network. This protocol was developed by Robert Kahn and Vinton Cerf in 1974. With the standard protocol and widely agreed upon, then the local network scattered in different places can be interconnected to form a giant network even now reach the entire world. Network using internet protocol is what is often referred to as the Internet network.

ARPANET networks become increasingly large since then and started to be managed by private parties in 1984, then joined a growing number of universities and commercial companies began to enter. Protocol TCP/IP into an agreed common protocol so that it can communicate with each other on this internet network.

The third major development is the establishment applications Internet World Wide Web in 1990 by Tim Berners-Lee.

Application of the World Wide Web (WWW) has become the anticipated content of all Internet users. WWW makes all users can share a variety of applications and content, as well as linking together material scattered on the internet. Since then the growth of Internet users skyrocketed.


Internet is only a medium of information delivery, such as broadcast TV/radio and telephone networks, but he is more advanced because it can deliver information in various forms (multimedia) and of course both ways.

Internet is neutral, depending on how it is used. When used properly, can be tremendous benefit, especially for the younger generation in the field of education, the subject matter could be presented in various forms, images, animation, film, sound and interactive content’s. Pupils easier to learn and be creative. Science and the latest information retrievable delivered within a very short time and from any hemisphere. The younger generation can also be in community with anyone regardless of space and time.

Since the Internet is very versatile use, the negative impact is also difficult to avoid, below are positive and the negative impact of the Internet, among others:

Positive impact:

Adding insight into both external and domestic Adding knowledge (especially computer science) Efficiency of time to work Helped in many ways Land info both education, culture, etc. Exchange of info and data Help find job Efficiency find the data, instead of having observations.

Negative effects:

Addiction (for gamers) Boros (internet not cheap) Damage the brain (porn site) Eye damage (Seeing my computer continues) Lost track of time Carding Gambling

If until the younger generation a lot that fell to the negative, might be a chaotic and future generations is brutall
This 10 programs that do not educate a TV show and can damage children’s mental in the family, namely: Love Interest (SCTV), Dangdut Mania impromptu 2 (TPI), Extravaganza (Trans), Jelita (RCTI), Mask Rider Blade (quiz), Mr.Bego (quiz), My name is Sun (RCTI), Rubiah (TPI), Si Entong (TPI), and Super Celebrities Show (Indosiar). We assess the program show types of waste that does not educate the impact of mass media freedom since the fall of the Suharto regime in 1998. We are grateful to now there are institutions that oversee the mass media, such as IBC. KPI team was the one who determines a positive or negative display it, and it is obtained from the work of the IEC during the period April 1 to 13. Conclusion IBC-10 TV shows to the most widely violated Broadcast Program Standard KPIs, such as violating norms of civility and decency with many displays of violence, featuring harsh words, demeaning, and insulting others.

Monitoring carried out by 11 analysts from the IEC and defined based on the evaluation team, chaired by an independent panel of Prof. Dr. Arief Rahman, Vice Chairman Hidayat Nur Dedy, Seto Mulyadi, Nina Armando, Bobby Guntarto and Razaini Taher. KPI analyzing three types of TV programs with the consideration of complaints from the public the most is soap operas, variety shows, and kids events. We are quite confident with the team personal independent panelists, but nonetheless still a lump viewers at home saw the news coverage of each television reporters because votes are still many who do not follow the rules of reporting and compliance with codes of ethics, for example contained the names and faces a suspect even though not necessarily guilty. Of course we and the community welcomed the ”euphoria” media that were previously bound, not free, so it turned into a free society to have many options to buy the print media, television, internet access, listening to the radio etc..

In its development then the fierce rivalry between the print media as well as inter-station television and radio, all want to grow, to achieve large gains made so that all sorts of ways to be superior to get customers, viewers or listeners. That’s what makes each of the owners of newspapers, magazines, television, radio, featuring website/internet trying new things to get ahead of his rival.

In print media, now appears two major groups. The first group is really positive, and a second group that is really negative. The first group to benefit society (public) because it is positive according to the Press Law and the code of journalistic ethics as well as perform the function of the press as a medium of information, education, entertainment, social control, improve the economy, etc.. In fact, they can sell cheap products. In the second group the opposite occurs, because of negative profits only temporary because it violated the Press Law and code of ethics as well as distant from legal provisions and applicable norms. Media who are members of this group always displays the last posts/news kind of propaganda, slander, violence, and pornography. We invite the community and urged all parties to be concerned over the rampant waste reporting and impressions in the media today. Of course we must fight it in a way: positive print media buy, stay away from junk spectacle on television. Problem follow-up ruling handed over to the Organization of the Press, KPI etc..

Negative vs. Positive

At times like this we certainly can not be separated from the role of media, from print, radio, a television, and internet all. This all seemed to have become necessities of life for most of us. because with the media we can get it and sending news so quickly and easily. If you think about the positive impact of course lots of amazing that we can be of the progress of this medium, but baseball was a little too negative impacts that arise because the media was in use for purposes that are wrong.

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