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Sat, Jun 20, 2009, by tschaeffer

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Ever want to know which topics will make you more money? Take a look at this and find out now.

The most looked at topics online today:

1. Politics – 30% of people look up information on politics and would probably be the best be to write about.

2. Internet & PC - Not interested in politics the next best topic to write about would be computers and the internet. 18%

3. Bizarre - Who doesn’t look a stupid and weird things? With 12% its the next best.

4. Social – Write so FAQ or something like that. At 10% you could get a little following going.

5. Science - Nothing is cooler than seeing stuff being blown up. Although that only a little bit of science you could appeal to a whole lot of people. Write about the type of science you know most about and maybe a part of the 9% will like what you have to say and revisite you and make you even more money.

6. Entertainment – Any one not watch any TV or what ever? Maybe you could write about what it is you think that episode was about or celebs doing stupid stuff. With a 9% public intrest you could make some money.

7. Business - This catagory is on the rise now with the economy doing so bad. You could really appeal to peoples intrests. Although it is a small 5% right now be ready for it to blow up.

8. Technology – What else is to be said. This covers alot from video games to TV’s to cars. There is alot to write about and alot of money to be made. This is a small percentage to and it is staying close to 3%.

9. News – I thought this one would have been higher on the list but it is all but last. With only 3% why bother not much money to be made there.

10. Sports - Now the worst to wright about because les face it your really only appealing to the males that watch sports, not many females do. this his the bottom at 1%.

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