Real? Or Another Scam?

Tue, Feb 7, 2012, by Eforeffort

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Is a scam or can you actually make some money?

I’ll start off with the sign up code that is required in order to sign up with this website “EEB”, without a code you cannot sign up.

So I signed up for the megatypers website to make some money from typing out CAPTCHA images. Its very simple just very time consuming. I look at it this way, a company is going to pay me a couple bucks to sit in front my my television and type out CAPTCHAS I’ll take it.

The site pays the affiliate as they call us, roughly $1 per 1000 images that you type out so if you stay at it and type out 1 image every 5 seconds about every hour you spend typing images you can make about $1, but this time can be split up, so spend 30 minutes a day make 50 cents and so on, this is more than most sites would pay you for 30 minutes of your time.

all in all out of all the sites that get people to do little tedious things for pennies I would say this site might just take off, the price per image has been going up since the site opened and I anticipate the site to continue rising in price per image, I also think once the site gets so many users they will limit the number of affiliates.

get in while its new if you like it, stick around and make a couple bucks, if not well at least you tried it…

so here is a sign up code again EEB you have to use it to sign up or you cannot sign up.

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  1. Mal Says:

    50 cents for 30 minutes a day is a lot less than most JOBS will pay you; what are you doing with your life?

    This is besides the point, which is that websites that operate along the line of “referring” for seemingly tenuous work that pays (which ultimately comes down YOU to spending considerable amounts of money or time) is ALWAYS, yes, always a scam.

    These people operate on pyramid scheme logic; you’ll never make any money and if you ever do you can count on it being 5000% less than what you actually earned. In a pyramid scheme, money always flows upwards (to the site owners), and you get the little pennies that fall out of their pockets. Seriously, work at taco bell, or write a column if you need extra cash in your spare time- you’ll feel a lot better and they’ll definitely pay you more (what you deserve).

    Of coarse, I suspect you won’t even show my comment because this a front for advertising that website; please tell me I’m wrong about that.

  2. Data Says:

    Mega Typers not paying since last 2-3 weeks, For all newly reigstered members do not waste your valuable time & money to work for such fakers. More over they are least bothered to respond on payment issues.

  3. Eforeffort Says:

    No I completely agree with your comment actually, just like my article says try it, if you dont like it leave… I dont care if you use my sign up code. 35 people have already signed up under that code “EEB” the MOST anyone has typed is 1439, the next closest is 412.. you will NEVER make money with this site unless you create a script, but they have things in place to sense these…
    When I wrote the article the site was brand new, I tried it for a day and decided well lets see if anyone will make money with this site, because I sure wont spend the time it takes to get a payout from them…
    but case closed, you wont make money on this site..
    anyway if you plan to sing up and want to add to the statistics i have gathered go for it, if not find another code.

  4. an Says:

    they are not paying just like me for 3weeks now.. they turned into SCAM beware

  5. Hp Offline Says:

    if u don’t like that work. then stop working. plz don’t make that genuine website to fake. cause that website paying me every week. i am new in that megatypers.

  6. bjet Says:

    me to they pay me already and it is legit….

  7. death Says:

    i dont know if the megatypers is legit or scam
    please help anyone
    give me the truth

  8. Eforeffort Says:

    its not a scam.. if you devote hours a day to the site you can make a dollar or 2… but 98% of people will not devote this much time for such little money…

  9. NEw USER Says:

    I Think There No thing that will loss to you if try It

  10. gi Says:

    But how come I received no email from them? And the lost password option is disabled?

  11. roby Says:

    it didn’t pay me yet just because i don’t have any refferals yet.. but i do believe that this site is not a scam.. all you have to do is to be honest to your work and determine.. there is no such thing earning easy money if you don’t hard work for it.. besides there is nothing wrong or hurt you if you try that thing because it;s not the end of the world..

    for the other’s who do believe on it help me also: verification code>> 49QA

  12. Emma C Says:

    I´ve just had my first payment off this site only 4 dollars but every little helps! It isn´t a scam but does take a while to earn anything. For anyone wanting a verification code to give it a go try 4MGS

  13. WAFRA Says:

    try megatypers.use my code to sign up pls………..405P

  14. emmie Says: terminate my account while finishing 520 images,i think website also scam.They won’t pay any money to me for typing that captchas,my valuable time is waste

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