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Mon, Dec 13, 2010, by AnonymousWriter

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MapleStory’s most recent update is the Big Bang patch, which has affected everything on the MMORPG. The most beneficial change is probably the leveling of your character. It is much easier and faster. This is a guide recommending where the best places to train are and how to get your third job advancement – it has moved.

When you start out, there is almost none/no change at all until about level 13 with your leveling, so i recommend you stay and do the quests that have been set for you in Maple Island. Do not leave Maple Island straight away. When you are level 8 (magicians) or level 10 (all other jobs), go get your job advance. You should probably kill orange/green mushrooms in henesys.

At about level 18, go to golems which are located in the right portal of henesys; keep going down until you see a portal for golems which is located on the right, middle of the map. You should train at the first map of golems until you are comfortable enough to move onto mixed golems. The best spawn for mixed golems is the top portal from the first golem map, then into the mini dungeon. This is the most fastest way to level up for the moment.

If you train there for a while, you’ll quickly level. You should stay until about level 30 or so, so you can get your job advancement. When you are level 30, you may Ludibrium Party Quest (LPQ); the easiest way to get there is through the portal door of which you can get to any of your party quests as well. At level 30, it only takes about 3 rounds of party quests to level – it takes around 10 minutes for each one as it has been much shortened down. I recommend you stay at LPQ until about level 45; or for 35 pqs of which you can get Broken Glasses which add +1 all stats.

At about level 45, go to truckers which is located in Singapore. To get there, go to Kerning City and on one of the middle rooftops there should be a NPC with blue hair. Click on her to buy a ticket and go on the plane to Singapore. Once there, keep going right until you see 2 portal pathways; go left. You should be at truckers. They give 495 experience each. This is why you will be seeing a lot of people there and why it’s always crowded. If this place is too crowded and you are getting ksed too much, the next best option is probably drakes in Sleepywood which you have to be level 50 to get inside the portal. These give only about 100 experience, but is much less crowded and faster spawn. You should go back to truckers when you are higher level though, until about level 70.

Or at level 60, Fog PQ is a very good place to level up as it is fast. You go to Fog PQ the same way as Ludibrium PQ; through the portal door which is located at any town. You can do this until level 80; it is recommended if you don’t want to just train on monsters or if you want a quicker way of leveling.

At level 70, get your third job advancement. The door of dimension which leads to the clone of the boss you are supposed to kill has moved to the end of Sleepywood; where the Jr Rog is located.

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