Managing Risk in Internet Cafe

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Managing Risk in internet cafe.

13014163201638401110In any event socialization internet where I became speaker, there is a question, or rather a complaint; from teachers and parents about the mushrooming of cafes cafe. The mushrooming of cafe cafe, they say trigger the negative things such as skipping, access to negative sites and play online games for hours.

Faced with questions or complaints like this, I try to give understanding to the parents and teachers that we basically teachers of Indonesian Warnet Association (AWARI) always provides guidance Awari guidance to members about the need to maintain the condition of their cafe to keep it clean and safe condition. What is meant here is the net net of the management side, and net negative material from the material that comes from the Internet. While that is safer, is: the entrepreneur is managing the cafe cafe it well, so no fishing for negative acts occur.

Some things you can do for example: Not using the bulkhead / barrier between users is high, or if necessary do not use the screen at all. Because in our experience, high insulation will provoke a negative thing. In addition, high insulation actually gives the impression of the cafe is narrow so that it can only reduce the comfort. Another matter of course by using the DNS Nawala as a filtering device, in order to minimize access to the site of negative sites and a few other things like the need for the manager always supervise the use of internet facility is not used for anything negative.

The next question usually is: is there any sanctions from the association concerning the cafe cafe that does not heed the call? The answer: The Association may sanction or reprimand, but remember not all cafes are associate members (even members of AWARI only about 10% of all internet cafe), then whether sanctions will be effective? anyway we will not be able to provide supervision to all the cafe because that power is not present at us. Authorization is located in the Government and the people.

I usually ask back next to the asker like this: Mr / Ms, actually giving money to children to the internet cafe anyway? Answer is very clear :-) . If indeed Mr / Ms who gave money, then surely Mr / Mrs obliged to supervise where the children spend the money. If the cafe is quite disturbing that want to be visited by our children, so if you worry over what is accessed, it should be banned only or redirected to another cafe that you believe is clean and safe. Society, in this case the parents do not wash their hands just like that, because it is the responsibility of children to parents is attached.

Cafe could easily be arranged if the government wanted the set. However, after that what? If parents and teachers did not supervise her children, then who is to blame if a student is truant and then to the cafe?If forbidden to the cafe during school hours, what if students are actually asked to the cafe by the teacher / parent for any reason? Or if you miss then because the cafe was not allowed to enter, then it is not necessarily the direction the streets, is it better? So, think well both before blaming one party. Could be, the root of the problem is not there.

It has been often experienced by the cafe, events video ariel makes cafe cafe in sweeping by the apparatus when the video link to the more widely circulated through personal mobile devices. At the meeting of FGD (focus group discussion) Kemkominfo I have just attended, a representative from a school to admit that the video was found in almost all of their student’s cell phone – while not necessarily in the cafe if there is or can be accessed.

There is also another opinion that says that access in the cafe is not safe, therefore better access at home alone. This according to my opinion that do not pay attention to the facts. The fact is: access in the cafe still be supervised and regulated, but who will oversee and manage access at home? Not all parents have the knowledge and sufficient time to supervise and regulate Internet access at home. Risk surf can occur anywhere, either in the cafe or at home. Managing these risks is the responsibility of us all.

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