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Thu, Feb 4, 2010, by Jennifer E. Brown

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Get your jigsaw puzzle fix and never become bored on this site.

Jigzone.com is one of my favorite game sites to go on the Internet. I love to do jigsaw puzzles, but actually pulling out the puzzle, the table and then sorting pieces–it takes too much time. Jigzone offers you the ability to enjoy jigsaw puzzles without pieces sticking to your hands. In addition, you’re not restricted to puzzle cut, such as 500 pieces. You can choose a puzzle as low as six pieces or go as high as a 247-piece puzzle. Also, there are many shapes available–triangles, doves, lizards, squares and circles–only to name a few.

That’s just one part of the website, though. Visitors have the ability to join for free. They can turn their photos into puzzles and make them any puzzle cut they desire. If you change your mind on the puzzle cut, just click on a new one and the puzzle refreshes. You’re going to be able to find puzzles on such themes as art, travel and sports here. There are even puzzles on animals, ocean life and nature.

Next, you’re able to embed these puzzles into a web page. These may be sites such as Blogger, Facebook or Myspace. They even have a service where you can sign up to receive the daily puzzle by email, if you so choose. Furthermore, if you know someone who likes e-cards, send your puzzle as a postcard. It will go to their inbox and they can enjoy in the fun.

I’ve always done the art puzzles and find the digital art photos fascinating. Another big category for me is the nature puzzles, but then animals is another fun one. It’s hard to put the categories in order and determine which ones are the best. I guess I could say I love all the puzzles, and this really is a cool site. Every time I’m on here, I usually find something new.

If you’ve come fascinated with the jigzone site, then head over to their on-line store. Here is where you’ll find puzzles to purchase that are up to 24000 pieces. They come in such formats as large pieces, 3D and non-rectangular. The themes of these puzzles reflect the puzzles on the website. There’s ones for children, animals, travel and so on. Also, this is where you have the opportunity to make a custom jigsaw puzzle. All you do is submit a photo and select a puzzle cut. Then, jigzone does the rest for you.

This website also has a place to play pool if you get tired of puzzles. However, you do have to look for it; it’s not easily located. If you check under the map on the site, then you’ll find the pool/billards page. It looked cool to me, but I’m more into jigsaw puzzles. Finally, this language can be translated into German, French and Spanish if English is not your first language.

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    Thanks for giving me this address! I love jig saw puzzles, but just don’t have the room for them. You made my day!

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