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Thu, Sep 24, 2009, by webseowriters

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Now a days our young generation taking a keen interest in visiting violated websites and blogs, these sites destroy the mental health of young boys and girls.

X board is a big forum and community like debon air blog. Many Indian and Pakistani users both girls and boys daily visited such kind of scandal websites and blogs where they download and post sexual scandals of beautiful model girls, actresses and local girls and bad boys. These forums include links of free video and file sharing websites to download mobile video clips of these actresses.

These actresses are so hot and popular mostly audio and video clips comes from Hollywood, Bollywood, Lollywood and Tamil actress scandals in the form of video tapes. I personally not more interested in these kind of rubbish online contents because these kind of movies and wallpapers disturb your mental ability too much.I mostly like to listen and watch online clean movies and songs like Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez.

Many boys cheat with their girlfriends during making love scenes and also capture these naughty relations on mobile phones and later these mobile mms clips become uploaded on these type of websites. Government agencies are not taking any proper action against these guys and owners of these websites that’s why the quantity of such videos and websites including blogs are increasing day by day with a great speed.

I think we should take some personal actions against these sites to safe our young generation from such kind of unsafe activities. We can boycott to visit these sites, in this way the number of users of these sites become down and they lost their revenue money stream that they collect from these sites. I hope you people become serious about my opinions. Also feel free to post your opinions in comments below.

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  1. writing4angels Says:

    looks like an entertainment filled with fun.

  2. Nazimoon Says:

    I luv chuntanney!!! I luv chuntanney!!! Wooooo!

  3. zamir Says:

    Nice collection

    l love you darling

  5. kannan Says:

    so said\\.

  6. kannan Says:

    we need more

  7. raselasraful Says:

    Feeling saucy..wanna more.

  8. selvan Says:


  9. nirmalz Says:

    this is the real world , if we stop another one will start,
    but dont 4get we also luv 2 see those picture ,
    enjoy & let them enjoy.

  10. vicky Says:


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