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Sat, May 8, 2010, by Luke R. Harrison

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A tutorial to the all new SHOP section on

How to use SHOP on

Now the fastest way to earn points on is to simply log in.  By logging in, you can earn 2 points. Then head on over to the dailies section to earn another two points for answering a daily question. Finally there’s the Play section. Each video you watch, gives you free points. Simply watch a ton of videos and earn a ton of points. Finally the last way to earn points is to invite friends. Since its an invite only site, finding friends shouldn’t be too hard. For each invite you get, that’s another 2 points. Now for the best part. Once you invite 20 friends, you become a member of the Z-list. Z-listers earn DOUBLE points for everything you do. This means 4 points for logging in. answering dailies and watching videos.

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SHOP is an all new tab on SHOP allows the Lockerz member to, well…, obviously. Once you click the SHOP tab, a page with a number of sections appears that include designer brands, clothing, Xbox, Playstation, Skullcandy, iPod skins and more. Like any other online store, you can use Paypal to purchase any item you see as appealing.

Now, time for the part that makes SHOP different from all other online stores. Once you buy something from SHOP, you earn ten times the price of the item, in pointz. For example if you buy a 400 hundred dollar item, you earn 4000 pointz. That’s enough pointz for a new Macbook! But the benefits of SHOP do not stop there. A user can use their pointz to actually lower the price of an item. So something that costs $20 can be lowered to $5 or even nothing! The addition to SHOP to has completely changed the game. One solid purchase can earn you months of pointz. It seems that Lockerz just became a little more rewarding.

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  1. ghjgdhtd Says:

    the lady on top i ugly and if u want to bust on me it goes back to u hahaha

  2. ghjgdhtd Says:

    the lady on top i ugly and if u want to bust on me it goes back to u hahaha

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    awesome thanks

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