How to Use Putty Booter! [Free Putty Booter!]

Tue, Aug 23, 2011, by MrTylerHaz

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Want to disconnect people from Xbox live kick them off line, well this is for you! Enjoy.

How it works: PuTTY is the next-generation of (D)Dosing. You may have seen many of these new, awesome, “PuTTY Booters”. PuTTY works by sending a unique SSH (Super Shell Hack) protocol call to another IP (The IP you’re trying to take offline), which then confuses the connection of the remote IP and causes it to terminate all open connections (in return, they’re disconnected from Xbox Live, Internet, etc).

How to Use PuTTY SSH (Super Shell Hack) Booter: Simply enter the IP you’d like to disconnect from the internet, and insert a port to send the protocol request to. I highly suggest port 80, as it disconnects ALL open connections (Xbox Live, Internet Explorer, etc!).

Screen Shot:
[Image: putty11.jpg]

Download Here:(…/putty.exe

Virus Scan: (…1314056582

Connection Modes (ADVANCED USERS ONLY) (Click to Hide)RAW (Rough Wattage) – Attemps to blow modem 
Telnet – Attacks telephones & cell phones, EXTREMELY dangerous
RLogin – Attempts to hack victims router & modems, give you root
SSH (Super Shell Hack) – EXTREMELY powerful (D)DoS attack
Serial – Attempts to blacklist slave’s modem/router serial # from the internet
Note this was not made by me, use it for educational purposes only. And don’t come crying to me if you have done something bad i take no responsibility!

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