How to Make Profits From Social Networks

Fri, Aug 31, 2012, by camily

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Currently, social networking is the in thing in the internet and social networking sites have millions of subscribers and user depicting its potential for any aspiring company or individual. This potential comes with a few tricks which one needs to understand and capitalize on so as to make profits. Most of these sites are free to join and they do not actually have products for sale.

There are various sites which focus on a wide range of aspectsspanning from old school mates, friends, business and families. This partly addresses the question; what is social networking?

Once you understand a particular social network as an advertiserand direct your products to the right audience, this can be quite lucrative as well as profitable. Once you make up your mind and start, there is no turning back. Leading the pack in social media networking is Facebook. They have a very clever way of placing their adverts ensuring they connect with their eager users profiles detailing their interests in meticulously. Their advertisement does not come cheap, but companies with good advertising budgets and appealing product can easily sell.

The correct targeting while using this social network is to understand why people visit or use the site. Traditional selling does not count when it comes to social networking as it profits more when you look at the user and not the forum. For Facebook fans, their basic motivation is to share photo images, status updates and socialize with their friends. While this is being done, users participate in applications or apps and games. Once you design a game or an application that captures their imaginations, this can be very lucrative. Coming up with such applications like Farmville on Facebook is not easy but is a potential money making tool. Farmville attracts a following of over 60,000,000.

Other social network sites offer referral programmes which benefit both the old and new user and the potential is determined by the number of users you refer. For those using several websites or blogs, hotmail links placement to products can earn them money depending on the number of clicks at any given time. This is measured on the click the target site receives from your site.

Key decision making bodies have realized that social networking is a world wide phenomenon and the audience is huge. Participating on various available networks makes it even more profitable and one is spoiled for choice. Revenue is therefore generated in various global currencies leading to exchange rate opportunities through appropriate forex sites so as to maximize on profits and the unlimited potential. A social network that pays the user grows with the visitor.

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