How to Make Money Online by Just Posting and Answering in Forums?

Thu, Sep 8, 2011, by tod

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Do you know that you can earn some money by just posting to some forum like and some other forums. This forums are called PTP or simply paid to post forum. This forum example is one of my favorite forum and I’m one of the thousand member of this forum owned by admin TARAK.

Paid to post forum nowadays is really hard to find but if you try to search hard for sure you will find a good one that really pays. You can earn some money by just posting and answering some post on that forum. One good example of this is MoneyTalkVillage. They pay using AlertPay, Paypal and LR or Liberty Reserve. The minimum payout for Alertpay is $3 , Paypal is $10 it’s much higher in paypal to avoid some issues regarding paypal. In this forum there are some paid category or paid section and they only pay those people that post topics or reply on other member topics. You have to write in English and the quality of your replies is a must. You must post at least 20 words in one post. You can’t also post reply using a back to back method, what i mean about back to back is don’t try to reply if you already made one in one post, you have to wait for other member to reply on that topic.

I Joined this forum last march i think and really make good money on it. Most of the members is from the Philippines and India but i think there are more other country that is participating in this forum. They have a very nice and humble moderators especially Moderator Leash and Moderator Neng.

If you want to participate in this forum the most important thing that you can do is write good in English and post quality post only because moderators will check your post one by one before being approved and if your post doesn’t have the quality that the forum admin and moderator is looking for, surely they will deduct some points on your withdrawals.

Earning money on forums is a good source of income especially if you can think fast and can reply on those post in different category especially on those paid section of the forums.

They also have a lot of contest and joining those contest will really boost your earnings. The good thing here is you will earn and at the same time you can gain a lot of knowledge because many question are being asked and many members can really answer those question. My username in Moneytalkvillage is todnih. You can always send me a private message if you have some question.

About Me : I love to play Dota and i know that many people also love it. Winning a game in dota is really an achievement for me.

Favorite Food : I love to eat Roasted Chicken and Roasted Beef i also love adobong manok.

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  1. Kristie Claar Says:

    Very informative article. Thank you for sharing.

  2. final75 Says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I am always looking for legit ways of making money online.

  3. tod Says:

    your welcome guys. This is an honest paying site where you can earn some cash. Try it on your self.

  4. tod Says:

    your welcome aroosagloomy :) your name is long :D

  5. Leash Says:

    Hey hey, thanks for mentioning my name hehe..

    MTV the best!

  6. rgreenfield Says:

    nice post! thanks for sharing, tod.

  7. tod Says:

    your welcome rgreen and leash :)

    yes MTV the best!

  8. tod Says:

    thank you erwin

  9. gelatin Says:

    thank you for the information.nice article

  10. tod Says:

    your welcome gelatin :)

  11. Peace Poet Says:

    Thanks for sharing this useful information. I shall checkup the site. Best wishes.

  12. tod Says:

    Your welcome peace poet!

  13. PrakashGP Says:

    I recommend Everyone to join this site to earn fast. DonkeyMails You can earn upto minmum of $1 per day!!. You can request payout whenever you want!!. There is no minimum payout limit.. pay through PP/AP/LR..etc

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