How to Make Money in Eden Eternal

Sun, Oct 9, 2011, by borrowed

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Eden Eternal.

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I think there are some secret in making money  on eden eternal but when i was playing in first time the simplest way for me was to do alot of quest since i was not in the guild when i was at level 20 till level 30 i joined around when i was level 39 this guild i was in little better but im not to argue my making money is doing quest as well as doing guild quest atlteast that way you hit two bird with one stone and when your playing a bard there are some people that are lazy you can also sell your mob skill to level someone i earned about like 100-200G when i was doing bard run for people who are lazy sometimes there is one sure hit would make you alot of earning when doing a bard some of my friend where playing solo bard run on venin i could hit 150-200G as well as don’t forget to farm even thought it would be hard to maintain supply for your farm this are my way when making money on eden eternal as well as there is also one Free Reward system that aeria games implemented i won some one color dye sell them for 50G or more and sometimes won some mount this are some of my way earning decent living in eden eternal there is one i think you need to be level 50 or something to tank while using your bard but im not level 50 im still at level 40 still strugling to level and farm and doing guild quest,town quest,Free Reward mostly when i do dgn run i do sometimes sell them and when farming be warned when creating weapon orange or up they will break be sure to find town has master mold or higher be sure to bring some stones as well if you still uncertain my first time making a weapon orange i broke it when making i lost all of my saving that how it goes so i just have to try again my way was doing solo on venin either bard or shaman 

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