How to Make Money Doing Nothing!

Fri, Feb 4, 2011, by MysteryGuy

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Using your computer’s excess processing power, you might get those extra dollars you always wanted.

Well, why don’t you try CashGopher and earn money while your computer is idle?

You spend the same electricity, but all that processing power that isn’t being used at the moment and goes to waste can be used to earn the money you want so much.

It works like this: you leave CashGopher working in the background while you do your usual tasks, and it gives you some money every month. So you actually earn money while doing your usual tasks, be that word processing, making a presentation or just studying.

Feel free to try it! It’s free and you can stop anytime you want.

If you need help registering, you just need to press the download software button, fill in some information about you, press sign up, then download the software, install it and then sync it up with your CashGopher account. After that you are done, earning money for doing nothing.

Have an happy time with all the extra cash!

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  1. Sravan s Says:

    I will try it next month

  2. agriculi Says:

    Shouldn’t it be “Make money doing nothing” Without doing nothing = you’re not doing nothing, so you’re still doing something.
    Sorry. Thanks for the tip.

  3. MysteryGuy Says:

    Good point, fixing it!

  4. ardhendu Says:

    This article ls very interesting. i will follow the link.

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