How to Make Mesos on Maplestory Fast. Post Big Bang

Thu, Dec 16, 2010, by AnonymousWriter

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These are the top ways of making money quick and easy on MapleStory.

1. Quests. Do quests which give you good scrolls which you could sell for a lot. E.g Subani’s Legacy located in NLC gives you a glove attack 60%, which is worth a lot in any server. The price of the scroll depends on what server you are on. Check the price from a few different sources and sell it in FM. There are a few other quests that give you good scrolls which sell for quite a bit as well.

2. Merch. The quickest way to merch is by buying items, e.g scrolls at cheaper prices and selling them for more in FM. Buy cheap scrolls by spamming it in FM or anywhere, then sell them in a shop or by spamming it in FM. Remember to always buy less, sell high. This is probably the fastest and easiest way to make the most money.

3. Party Quests. Some party quests drop scrolls during it or after. Check and try these party quests out.

4. Loot! When you are training/see a spot where everyone trains at, e.g. Truckers, go and loot the mesos off the ground! You actually can make quite a lot of mesos this way.

5. Scroll Hunting. Go kill monsters that drop good scrolls, like chaos scrolls. They are probably most dropped by drum bunnies, cold eyes and zombie mushrooms.

6. Boss Hunting. Kill bosses. They drop a lot of good stuff worth quite a lot of mesos.

7. Get Married. Do Amoria PQ to get Onyx Apples which sell for a lot.

8. Buy NX. If you buy NX, you can buy stuff in MTS and sell them in FM. This is a good way to make lots of mesos, but requires RL money to do so.

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