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Tue, Mar 18, 2008, by Josey

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Looking for a lost love or friend? Discover a list of websites that will aid you in your free online search.

Have you ever thought of someone from your past? Maybe it was an old flame or a family member or friend you have lost contact with over the years. Have you ever thought about or tried looking that person up? Well don’t waste your money on private investigators, expensive search sites, and don’t waste your time on aimless Google searches. Here is a list of free websites you can use to help you on your search.


This website will allow you to look up a person by name. You can do a national search or you may narrow down your search by entering the state and/or city if you know it. It will display the person’s address and phone number for whom you are searching at no cost.


This is an AT&T sponsored site, which works much the same way as switchboard. On this site, however, you must know the state of the person you are looking for, or it will not allow you to continue. This search will give you phone number and address results.


This site uses several different search engines to find phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, and even certain organization affiliations. This site even allows you to search obituaries.


Look up someone on a national or state search. You must know the person’s last name in order to use this site. If someone’s name has changed due to marriage or adoption, this site may not be the one to use. You may also try finding a family member of the person you are looking for and contacting them for information.


Such sites can help you track down old classmates or acquaintances, but just be cautious because these sites sometimes want you to pay a membership fee for the information you are seeking. I recommend this as a starting point and then using another free site to continue your search.


This is a popular way for people to reconnect online. You may want to try your luck by searching through these social networking sites. Starting your own page is also free.

Public Record Center

Search government records on anyone through this public record site. The site will display the person’s name (if changed), listed relatives, and cities he or she has lived for free. For a fee, this site will give you much more information. I recommend this site as a good starting point on your search if you are not willing to pay the fees associated with this site. Public Record Center can help you narrow down the state and city where the person may now be living, which will aid you in your search.

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  1. Dee Huff Says:

    These look like really useful sites. I wonder if there are comparable sites that cover the UK? MySpace/Facebook will, but I guess the other sites are US based. Hmm… I bet there are UK based ones.

  2. Darlene McFarlane Says:

    I have only heard of a couple of these. I will have to remember the others. Sometimes Canada 411 doesn’t go the job.

  3. Josey Says:

    Yes, these were (not intentionally) intended for Americans to use. I’m not sure what will work in the UK and Canada, but please add them to the list if you find them. Thanks!

  4. IcyCucky Says:

    This is a wonderful resources, and very informative..

  5. chloe Says:

    i want to find my dad=called elvis smith

  6. Mariah Sickles Says:

    I’m loooking for my dad. His name is Chris Jones and he lives in Detroit. If anybod knows him can you call me or have him call me.
    519-433-9458 ppllllllzzzzzzz
    I need to talk to you really bad.

  7. vanessa Says:

    i really hope this sites help me.!!!! thanx.. i will indeed get back to u guys if it works..=)..

  8. lil kibs Says:

    I have been looking for a psychic who used to work in selfridges in 1984. selfridges will not give me details. Please help

  9. shelpeare Says:

    Great job! I wrote a similar article recently. For more resources see:

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