How to Kill Boredom

Mon, Nov 26, 2007, by Scott Grahm

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The best sites on the web for ending your boredom. Whether it’s free video or fliping text upsidedown, this list will help you.

We all get bored and expect the Internet to somehow cure us. The truth is that you can spend hours on the Internet only worsening your boredom disease because you don’t know where to go. Luckily, I’m cutting out all that extra boredom for you with my list of the top Boredom Killing sites.


We all know about Youtube, but blinkx searches all the videos on the web.

How about just uninterrupted TV shows? Surfthechannel has them all.

Don’t know what you want to watch? Video.stumbleupon Just click the button and content that users voted for appears. A personal favorite when just relaxing.

Learn how to do anything, with Videojug


Want to listen to free music with a program that knows what you like? Try

Feeling Positive/Dark, Energetic/calm? Try Musicovery this cool interface where you move towards the type of music you want to listen to.


Everybody loves comics, now you don’t even have to go out and buy them.Go to Explosm and for two very funny sites with comics that could be about anything.

And here’s one only about and for gamers.

maddox.xmission is one of the funniest sites with article about everything. Be warned, it can be offensive.

Be Creative

Some sites encourage you to produce your own content. With a creative environment, these sites let you share your work with people all around the world, or just keep it for yourself.

Here’s a very simple one that only requires you to upload an image and a sound file. Ytmnd will convert it to your own flash movie.

Text-image converts your uploaded images into text images. A very cool thing you should try out.

One of my favorites, here you can create your own art, all you need is to click Artpad.

Other Very Fun Sites

Another one of my favorites, prank call your friends and family right from your computer. Text2call It is amazingly fun and works.

Revfad will flip text upside down, great way to send secret messages or just confuse people.

In Anagramgenius when you type something in this little site and it spit’s out an anagram. I never would have passed high school without it.

Find the sites that thousands of other users have voted on. Download the Stumbleupon addon (I use it everyday) and visit the Digg site. Both great.

These sites make my life easier everyday. I don’t know what I’d do without them and I hope they helped you.

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  1. Shadownat Says:

    Very informative. Very good tips

  2. Nelson Doyle Says:

    I’ll have to try Revfad out, it sounds fun. Cool tips and information.

  3. garth Says:

    OMG I LOVE THE TEXT2CALL ONE!!! i used that on my friend while sitting here in school!! very funny..

  4. Lizz Lemon Says:

    Awesome list. Loved the one with the anagram, i’m using that for work now :D


  5. Roger Says:

    that was neat. i never saw that stuff before. and the anagram thing i’m using for my class now :D

  6. Daniel/ Says:

    Very cool.


  7. Lukas gamertag-- xXSPARTN117Xx Says:

    wow, woowowowowoowow ugh!!!!!!! LUKAS KELLER WAS HERE, NOW!!!!

  8. chains Says:

    My company has the hell of site filtering

  9. nevin Says:

    here is a site to kill boredom:)

  10. Linda Says:

    Love the post, linking it on my blog. You just killed 5 minutes of my boredom :)

  11. Rocky Says:

    AMazing….!!!!!!! Anagram amused me the most. Thank you!!

  12. ARnel Says:

    Great post. I t really kills boredom

  13. bandonx Says:

    Love the post. maybe try this blog as well. looks like its only starting out but i wasted 25 mins on it looking at all the vids and playing that bloon defence game.

  14. Amna Says:


  15. fookme Says:

    wow ur pretty gay

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