How to Get Rid of The Annoying Pop Up Surveys!

Sun, Jun 20, 2010, by supremeawesomeness1

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This will tell u how to get rid of them (the ones that pop up on facebook groups ect) easily.

here’s how to get rid of them*

For Mozilla Fire fox

1. on the survey page, go to the top toolbar (the one with file ect) and go to tools

2. go to the ‘content’ tab and click on the ‘enable javascript’ box

3. refresh the page

For Windows Internet Explorer*

1. on the survey page go to the bottom tool bar (the one with page ect) and click tools and go to ‘internet options’

2. go to the advanced tab and scroll down to the ‘Java (sun)’ section and click the box. close down the internet options box

3. refresh the page or restart the internet

*this works for most surveys but not all of them


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